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I Have Come Full Circle - But In A Very Different Way

I Have Come Full Circle - But In A Very Different Way

So it has been just a little bit over 4 1/2years to the day that I put my coffee roasting apron down and decided to focus my attention on my family and ! I have thought enough about this move to make a significant difference. 
I figure I have about 1-3 months to take it all in and position our company to roll out a very new month, to get this brand new show on the road. We will have this shined up, and ready to work and delight your taste buds with some or the top tasting coffees we have exhaustively researched and done our due diligence on. All of these guys are well versed on what constitutes a coffee that is "special". and that is exactly the 1st prerequisite to anything we carry from here on in, it has to be special! Otherwise, go to Dunkin Donuts or some 90 year old company with 90 year old equipment, and 90 year old .  Oh and the owner/owners/family members etc... were all around 90!! Not that there is anything wrong with that! It's just not how we see the way that works in today's way of the new coffee model.
We think it is Loooong overdue and we have had the luxury of spending and maximizing a tremendous amount of time, using test groups, polling consumers in our target markets, and had the pleasure of utilizing science and technology to really drill down to basically identify our ideal consumer. So many companies through the years have done this backwards and just got lucky! I should know, I was kind of 1 of them. I mean I changed as I settled in, but what I inherited, whoa, bad word, what I was thrown into was not exactly the business I envisioned. So this time, I'm going to do this my way! Or our way, because I certainly don't take sole responsibility for it. There are plenty of other, very talented people who had a big part in what this is, and certainly what it is going to evolve into.
So here is the 1st coffee we are now offering, right out of the gate!It seemed appropriate that the first coffee should be where coffee was first discovered, so we are proud and honored to offer our Ethiopian Sidamo single origin coffee! It is a very unique coffee. Although we are taking on the role of trailblazers, we are very aware of how important it is to get a little history lesson about where the second most traded commodity in the world originated from. This coffee is very much what made this what it is today. Take a look, please!
Ethiopian Coffee,single origin ethiopian coffee
The coffee we buy is guaranteed to be part of the top 1-5% of the top quality coffees on the farms.
This coffee has specific chocolaty notes which are upfront and pleasing. It also has spicy afternotes with hints of strawberries and cherries. This coffee is roasted a hint darker than our normal roast, which makes the nuances stand out.
We presently have approximately 300 lbs of whole bean 1 lb. bags and also 1,300 lbs of ground 1 lb bags, that we are taking orders on, starting RIGHT NOW!

After that lot is starting to run out, we are sticking with our Ethiopian launch. We will be offering Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Ethiopian Limu. We will keep you up to date on these delivery dates!

From the Ethiopian we are going into an offering from Peru! Peru from now until just around late October, early November is at its height in flavor and harvesting season! The farm we are buying from has been just given an 86, on the cupping meter! We will be informing you about this in the coming months, let's just say it is "special" coffee. We have special coffee all year long, and depending on the season, we only offer coffees at the height of their flavor profile! We are basically hoping that there are enough coffee lovers out there and they will buy our coffees! I have been wanting to do this for 20 years! Now I need you to get on board with me! We stand behind everything we carry, and we also, hope you become and stay a fan! We will also be bringing in coffees if enough people ask for it, and it meets our quality control tests. Also there are some really special holiday offers we will be getting into, in the upcoming months for the coffee lover in your life! So, there is quite a bit going on! 

I can't tell you how excited I am to start this new chapter in my life! It is something I have wanted to do for such a long time, and I have finally gotten up enough courage to make the leap! Again here is the bags of Sidamo we are offering. They are 1 lb bags and we are selling them for $13.99 plus shipping and handling! 

Currently you can order the coffee only through Paypal, but that will change very shortly when we get our website fully functional through Wordpress, with the ability to pay by credit card too. This coffee is worth double what we are charging for it, honestly. Wait until you taste it! There will be some small tweaks going forward to the bag, the label will change a little bit and there will be a story on it, when the next batch comes in! So hurry up and buy this batch out so we can get our new labels on it! 

Also, remember, we roast this coffee in very small batches by hand! I know, I know, everyone says that, but we are telling the truth! Peet's Coffee has that on their bags, do you think they roast 80-100 million pounds of coffee in small batches by hand?? Come on!! Well we do. They are roasted in 100 lb increments and that means, depending on the roast shade, also it depends on the moisture level of the beans we get 80-85 lbs out of the roaster! So yes that is small batches and we pick them by hand also, using a very accurate scale! So your coffee is completely hand processed and follows an insanely rigid quality control process to ensure the absolute consistentcy ! HONEST!! Don't pay attention to the guy behind the curtain!!! hahaha! But its true. There is no one up in a control room guessing what the heck is going on with your coffee during the production process. It is meticulously roasted  and this has taken me a long time to convince people that this is the way to  deliver an outstanding cup of coffee! I just don't think, I KNOW that this makes a difference and delivers our customers what they are expecting or what they WILL be expecting. I or WE want them to expect excellence, to demand premium coffee. That is the offer, that is what should be expected. We are going to do it! We are doing it, and all we can hope for is that you give us your loyalty and your orders, and here's the big one! Your VOTE of confidence and word of mouth advertising because I don't care if it is 2016, 1998, or 1954! It is still the best way to advertise, there is no doubt! So please give us a shout out! We are all in this, we want you to be too!!!

So remember order your Sidamo, savor and enjoy it. It is well worth it. Now a small little blurb about brewing. I know everyone loves the Keurig(its up on the right hand side of this blog), we are not offering Keurig k cups YET, but we will be. But until we can get EVERYONE of our Farmers to be able to offer this format, we will not offer it! We will achieve this goal just please be patient, and one more thing, it will BLOW AWAY any k cup you have ever tried once we get this worked out. So in the meantime, here's the deal. Go up on the side of this blog and order yourself a French Press! They are right there, not that I'm a huge fan og Amazon but they do have options!! Anyway, we looked into price, convenience, durability etc on all French presses and this 1 we have advertised on the right side is the WINNER by far! Order the press now, Once you order the press I will do a YouTube Video on how to make the perfect cup, everytime so you can experiencece the Sidamo the way it should be tasted! By far, it is the best way to drink coffee. End of story! 

So that was a little bit longer than I thought but this is SOOOO important to us, you wouldn't believe it, but as time goes on, you will! We hope to build a relationship with all of our customers, even if it is just a quick little note! We don't want to be some faceless, not grateful, coffee business just peddling beans to whomever wants them. We want to be your "go to people" for all your coffee needs, and just by putting up this blog is a GIANT leap for us! We sincerely hope you believe us and let us show you, as time goes on! Thank you again for everything!! You'll be hearing from us soon!!

OOOPs, I need to put this form up so you can at least join our list!! It will be well worth it when we really start getting into some of these really rare offerings or specials, like Christmas and Holiday Specials!!! Oh by the way, we will do gift baskets for certain companies for the holidays, just not everyone!! THANKS!!

Please Join Our List For Special Offers And UnAdvertised Deals!!

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