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The Roasting and Blending Process in A Commercial Enviroment

by Joe Leary

I have been away a long time on this blog, which really wasn't intentional but I kind of gave up because I was writing my life's story and it pretty much seemed like no one gave a shit!
And pretty much that's the way life is I guess. However, I have been tasting, approving, blending and roasting coffee in a commercial business for over 28 years, so I have decided to continue on. The sole purpose of this blog is to educate people in the process of commercial coffee roasting, to tell my personal story, and to hopefully monetize this thing so I get rewarded for the real and truthful content I deliver on a post by post basis! I am not doing this for my health. I love coffee and always will, it has brought me a lot of success and a lot of pain and heartache over the years. I want people to buy what I suggest, but only for the right reasons. I am not going to be promoting crap on this site, but I also want people to understand that I do want to earn an income from m…