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How To Make A Fantastic Cup Of Coffee At Home!!

I hope you enjoyed the video ! So many people always ask, how come I can't make a great cup of coffee at home? Well over the last 25 + years, I have tried pretty much every kind of brewing technique imaginable! I always come back to the french press method! If you LOVE coffee, do yourself a very big favor and invest in a good quality French Press, you will never look back! One of the best brands I have found is Bodum, it is a top quality press that if taken care of properly will last for years! You can click on the Illy Ad on the top right corner of this ad, or the Amazon logo too. They both offer french presses! Combine the press with some of Illy's premium coffee offerings and you will be in Coffee Nirvana!! Cafe Britt is another super quality coffee from Costa Rica that is definitely worth a try. I have visited their farms several times over the years and their quality is impeccable! Whichever you choose, using the French Press properly you just can't go wrong!! So get…


Hi Everyone,

As a token of my appreciation I want you to reward a few lucky people with a FREE Apple Macbook Air!! All you have to do is enter your email and you'll be entered into the drawing! No strings, nothing to buy honestly! Over the last several months the traffic to this site has grown on a daily basis, and I really have no technical, super internet game plan. It has been pretty organic which is cool! So I'll keep posting and please, keep reading and share with your friends!! Sign up below and THANK YOU again, Joe

The Espresso Information!!

Hi everyone,

I LOVE a good espresso and it always troubled me about the lack of knowledge some people had about coffee and espresso, especially in the U.S., because that's where I am from, I am not sure this is prevalent throughout the world, but there are some things everyone should know about espresso.

First off, it doesn't matter what type of roast or beans you use really. It just matters that the coffee is ground to a certain fineness. This causes the massive amount of pressurized extraction you get from brewing it in an espresso machine!!

The massive pressure that an espresso machine provides is the key to good espresso, not the beans or the blend, or the roast shade. In fact, some of the most powerful espresso I have ever tasted is from a roast that most people would describe as light roasted coffee!!

 You see the way the espresso interacts with the brain is very different. It calls into attention a brain function called Adnosine which releases adrenaline into your syst…


So I have not been posting everyday and there has been a significant increase in views even though this blog title is completely lame. For some reason the less I post the more people visit. I kind of get it but I am still thinking it is counter-intuitive to what I have learned about blogging. Oh well that is the learning curve I guess. So I have decided to take a poll of my readership. You are an incredibly quiet bunch I must say, you read this blog and have no comments or opinions on pretty much anything. You know it is fine, I get that but maybe you should voice your opinion and get interactive? I promise it won't be painful and it might be fun??? Or maybe not but hey, what the hell I'll give it a shot and based on your reactions I will give an honest opinion back. I promise.

So, large sigh, somebody laugh.................
1.) Do you prefer dark roast coffee or light roast coffee?

2) What would you pick if you had only one coffee to drink everyday for the rest of your life?