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Local Lead Generation Machine SEO Review#offlineconsulting#localbusinessconsulting#smallbusinessconsultingcourses#leadgeneration


Do You Want To Become A Successful Local Business Consultant?

Watch this review I did for 2 guys I have personally learned a ton from! Their course Local Lead Generation Machine SEO Review(is my opinion!), is an extraordinary method that Cameron & Mario have developed to teach people, even if you have Zero experience, how to generate Local Business Leads.

Not only do they teach you that but, they also teach you how to pitch your leads services in a way that the businesses are begging to pay you! Yes it is that powerful!

I have been personally coached by these 2, for over 2 years now, and the difference they have made in my consulting business has been extreme! I was doing ok anyway, but after spending some money and buying 2 of their offline courses, my business started to expand very rapidly.


They are the genuine deal. They use the methods they teach in their business everyday. When they release a course, it is already proven and tested. The other am…

How To Survive And Thrive In A Commodities Based Manufacturing Business In The U.S.!#commodities#coffee#coffeeroasting#manufacturing#pricingstrategies

One of the hardest business models to succeed in is;
Commodity Based Manufacturing. The United States is being over run by many other countries in this industry, and let me tell you. It is a very ominous sign!

Think about it for a moment. You are in the commodity business, which means, your raw materials are being priced differently on a second to second pricing exchange.

Then not only that, you are dealing with manufacturing costs that MUST stay consistent in order for you to price your product right, to make a buck. Wrong! I have a suitcase full of solutions for this, but let's move on.

Wow. Right? This isn't making.........well let me take that back. A lot of businesses are dealing with some sort of a commodity as a raw material. So this article is all about minimizing your Cost of Goods and maximizing your Gross Margin!

pretty simple stuff, right?

Wrong!! This is by far, the most complicated of all models. Why do you think so many company's outsource their manufacturing?

I kn…

Are You Cut Out To Be A Entrpreneur?#entrepreneurs#entrpreneurship#startingabusiness

Hi Everyone!

So, are you cut out to be a Entrepreneur? Not too many people are. I doubt it!

You see my definition, is much more involved. It is more trait related than any dictionary could categorize, under one simple word. Even Webster himself would have a tough road to travel in this conversation!

You see, this term is being bandied about nowadays, like it is some street slang. It seems a whole generation has kind of picked up as cultural. When a term becomes cultural, it very rarely takes on the meaning that it should be searchable for!#richardbranson

My meaning of an entrepreneur, has definitely been adjusted over time. Based on my 25+ years of being one, it really does define who you are! It is one that STILL makes my heart pound and drives me to an elation that is indescribable.

I have very rarely met someone who I could categorize as a successful entrepreneur without some, historically ugly and utter failure. You know the "one that got away", or even worse, the idea that …

Fiverr Mobile Money Methods

Are You Ready To Start Your Own Business? Do this.. Are You Ready To Grow Your Business? Do This!#businessadvice#entrepreneurs#startups#newbusinessventures

Hello Everyone! It Has Been A Long Time..

Where have I been? Well I have been re evaluating what it is I want to focus on for the next 3-5 years.
I have finally uncovered what it is and let's just say, it will have a positive effect on a fair amount of businesses and people, specifically entrepreneurs that have an eye for growing their business!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amount of traffic that has been continually coming to this blog of mine. I have virtually done everything wrong from the outset, and yet, if you build it they will come, I guess? I haven't posted anything on here since February 2, and 100's of visitor's have still been reading various posts. I am very thankful that you take the time out of your busy lives to read what I write.

Hopefully you will be reading a lot more, maybe on Kindle, soon. Hint, Hint...;=)

You see I started this thing with no real plan, as you can probably tell by the amount of different information that is on here. Bu…