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Are You Cut Out To Be A Entrpreneur?#entrepreneurs#entrpreneurship#startingabusiness

Hi Everyone!

So, are you cut out to be a Entrepreneur? Not too many people are. I doubt it!

You see my definition, is much more involved. It is more trait related than any dictionary could categorize, under one simple word. Even Webster himself would have a tough road to travel in this conversation!

You see, this term is being bandied about nowadays, like it is some street slang. It seems a whole generation has kind of picked up as cultural. When a term becomes cultural, it very rarely takes on the meaning that it should be searchable for!#richardbranson

My meaning of an entrepreneur, has definitely been adjusted over time. Based on my 25+ years of being one, it really does define who you are! It is one that STILL makes my heart pound and drives me to an elation that is indescribable.

I have very rarely met someone who I could categorize as a successful entrepreneur without some, historically ugly and utter failure. You know the "one that got away", or even worse, the idea that just failed miserably! As a matter of fact, I have met many ultra-successful "entrepreneurs", who finally made it after several failed attempts!

Some of the related words that would come to mind are
-Risk  Taker
-Hard Headed

Well this could go on and on, but I trust you get my drift.

Wow, that is tough isn't it?

GROW UP!! That is what it is all about. You need to take your lumps, learn from your mistakes, keep minimizing the damage and keep searching for that "Holy Grail". You really have to love it though. I don't know many super successful entrepreneurs, that don't absolutely love what they have created.  One of the big questions I got asked years back was very interesting. I was being interviewed about how I turned what seemed like a "dead duck" business into
a thriving, growing enterprise.

Here's the question;
"Joe, would you still be doing this even if you weren't being paid?"

What would your answer be?  My answer will come a little later in this post. HEY, don't go looking for it yet! Read on..........

We can go on and argue this point for hours, days even, but you will not budge me from my assessment, as I have lived it in too many ways to describe in this 1 blog!


Let's take a look at some of my "hero" entrepreneurs over the last 25 years or so. Now, please this is not a list that is set in stone and impervious to debate. Quite the contrary, actually. But, this is just my, off the top of my head,  broad stroke.

I mean here is a guy that had a travel agency business for a few years. He built it up, was living pretty well off and BOOM! The economy sticks him, the industry goes the way of the horse and carriage, and he winds up filing Chapter 11. Loses everything! Most people I know, would be resigned to, "well I gave it a shot, I better get a steady job"!

OH NO. Not Sheldon. This was just his warmup act. Well making a long story short. He now owns The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, along with a casino empire that stretches around the world, and is a legitimate billionaire. Sheldon Addelson is his full name. He is one of the most driven, single-minded and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure to know. His story is riveting.

Talk about an MBA case study! He starts a little company called Comdex, with $80,000 and another $8,000 from his school teacher brother in law. Goes on to sell it to Sony Entertainment for $880,000,000 CASH! Talk about ROI.........

The next one on my list is Steve Jobs. I mean Steve didn't actually really fail. He just got kicked out of the company he started! Then ended up, kind of failing with NEXT, although that is debatable, because he ended up selling that back to Apple. So what does he do next?

He finds a silly little animation company, with a shoestring budget and no real working capital. He goes on to pour his own money into this project, learns and develops a much more, shall we say, collaborative management style, and builds the empire that today is known as Pixar! I mean you could actually argue that Pixar was his 1A success.

Then he turns around and walks back into the first love again, and takes it back over! We all know what came to be from that strategical career move!

My point is, often times to succeed you have to learn on the fly. Embrace your failures, because they will be the reason you succeed! It is easy to sit at your desk and collect millions of dollars. It is easy to run a business when everything you have ever dreamed of is happening right before your eyes.

Its hard to not take a paycheck for 2 entire years and still plug away everyday. It is hard to try and survive when your vision is seemingly dead in the water. It is hard to sit on your back deck at night and question yourself continually. To deal with the doubt creeping into your psyche. To worry you won't have enough cash to cover payroll next month. 

But most of us, if not everyone, who is an entrepreneur should be able to relate to what I am saying.
There is a cost for everything!

So, do you have what it takes? Only you and you alone can answer that question. You better know yourself really well, I can tell you that. If you don't and you are not prepared to weather many storms, crises, failures and disappointments, this is not for you. But if you are wired that way, the payoff is Astronomical!!

Oh, my answer?
Absolutely. But not for the reason you may think.
I knew in my heart that a scenario like that would only be a temporary setback. I believed all along that I would turn the company around. I knew where and what I wanted to do, and I never second guessed that it would succeed. I was prepared for the long haul. You should be too, or else go find an entrepreneur to work for and make him or her rich!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and following, I appreciate it very much.

Please contact me, if you need any help with your business. I'd be happy to assist you.

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