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Does The Decimal Point Really Matter? Qualified Applicants From A Small Business#success#businessadvice#lessonslearned

Does The Decimal Point Really Matter?
That is exactly what I wanted to ask a headhunter during a phone interview/introduction, quite awhile ago!#entrepreneur

I mean I was certainly more than, a Qualified Applicant From A Small Business background. I kept hearing this, I guess I'd call it,  uncertainty in his voice. I am sure he sensed a growing frustration in my responses, as the conversation went down this path to nonsense!#businessadvice

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. You see there was a thrilling opportunity, one that I wasn't anticipating or really even searching for. Let's just say, it kind of was initiated by a casual conversation with a couple of very close friends.

I heard and then verified that a dream position in the coffee industry was up for grabs, and I hastily threw together a resume and cover letter. I almost didn't believe I was this excited about any opportunity, but I had befriended this company's President/CEO, and followed what they were d…