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Does The Decimal Point Really Matter? Qualified Applicants From A Small Business#success#businessadvice#lessonslearned

Does The Decimal Point Really Matter?

That is exactly what I wanted to ask a headhunter during a phone interview/introduction, quite awhile ago!#entrepreneur

I mean I was certainly more than, a Qualified Applicant From A Small Business background. I kept hearing this, I guess I'd call it,  uncertainty in his voice. I am sure he sensed a growing frustration in my responses, as the conversation went down this path to nonsense!#businessadvice

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. You see there was a thrilling opportunity, one that I wasn't anticipating or really even searching for. Let's just say, it kind of was initiated by a casual conversation with a couple of very close friends.

I heard and then verified that a dream position in the coffee industry was up for grabs, and I hastily threw together a resume and cover letter. I almost didn't believe I was this excited about any opportunity, but I had befriended this company's President/CEO, and followed what they were doing several times a week, for Years!#lifelessons

I really, really admired their presence, business model, of course their Coffee and their ever increasing market share! I wanted to work for someone! After 20 plus years being my own boss, not answering to anyone, I was obsessed with the impact I could make on this business.#realexperiences

The position was the 2nd in command of a huge coffee roasting operation. It had multiple facilities, a great reputation, and they were looking for someone to be a key visionary in the next ten years of the company. Sure there was other responsibilities like, operations, P&L management, Purchasing, Etc.. but this was a top it off with whip cream and a cherry, career path. 

I thought I was good with the coffee industry, but this was different. To me it was the pinnacle. I threw everything else aside. I wanted this, I could see it! I wanted it bad, for a million reasons, and they were all valid.

The Questionnaire!!!

So, as unnerving as that conversation was, I heard back from him, in a matter of days. He informed me that I was, 1 of 4 finalists for the position, and if I would be so kind, answer a 48 Question document, to the best of my ability by Monday morning(it was a Friday afternoon!)

This was about as intense a questionnaire as I have ever laid eyes upon. It was wide ranging, requiring extremely detailed answers, and reading it over and over, it occurred to me that no one could really "fake" their way through this. The game was on! I began considering each question, from every angle I knew, and then reverse engineered them so I could nail every concern, method, strategy, and reason why these questions needed answering.

A very interesting weekend. I became obsessed with the prospect of me landing this position. I surprised myself with the spark and passion that immediately lit up, I was in this to Win!!#besuccessful

I kept going over the questionnaire. Over and over, obsessively. I knew I nailed it. I knew this business like the back of my hand. It was almost second nature to me. There was going to be a really interesting phone conversation with the recruiter, and I was prepared!

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part! 

So Monday morning came. I submitted my responses.
I briefly talked to the recruiter after I submitted it. He was, let's just say, excited about the opportunity. He said he went through all of my answers and thought that I was extremely thorough. When the conversation was ending he said, "Joe, I'd be shocked if they didn't just eliminate all the other candidates and fly you right down to their offices and present you an offer!" 

I was sky high! He also said, he'd let me know as soon as he heard anything. It could be around Wednesday. 

It was the longest 2 days I've experienced in a long time. I am impatient to begin with. Especially after owning a business for over 18 years, I wanted to know yesterday! But I had to wait.

The Moment Of Truth!

So Wednesday came and I was ready for the call.
The call came in at 11:30 am. It was the recruiter and he sounded different, real matter of fact.#theroadnottaken

He said, "Well Joe, the company was blown away by your answers. There is just one thing they were concerned about."
I stopped him dead and obviously asked! What?
Then it came, "well they are concerned about the size of the company you owned and feel that you wouldn't be the right fit for their size."
I was stunned! I was almost speechless. But I said what I guess anyone would say. "What in the hell are you talking about? I know this business backwards and forward, it doesn't matter if it is 1 million pounds of coffee or 20 million pounds of coffee! Its a decimal point! Nothing changes!
The processes are the same, the roasting is the same, the buying is the same, this is complete insanity!"

Well the recruiter agreed. I asked if I could at least have a phone conversation with the people making the decision? He said he'd ask. He also said, he can't believe they are passing on me!

Yeah, neither could I!

I hung up the phone, stunned. I sat and went back over all of the back and forth, I went through every scenario and I couldn't find a rhyme or reason that this decision was made. The fact is, it doesn't matter about the size of the company! If you know something, you know it. Sure there may be some minor adapting, but hey, what kind of position doesn't have that? None that I could think of.

Well the fact of the matter was they passed on me, I still to this day wonder what could have been. It was strange because it was the first real rejection I've had to deal with in business in over 20 years!
Wow, it wasn't a good feeling. In fact I hated it.

So, I ate my humble pie. I heard back from the recruiter the next day, he said they rejected my offer to talk. I still don't know why they wouldn't at least, hear me out! I was devastated.

Welcome to the real world Joe! The world where your not the boss anymore! It was the first time, I started doubting my decision to get out of the business. I wanted back in, and I wanted it in the worst way!

What can you take out of this, rambling post? I guess that you have to accept defeat every once in a while and then you have to learn to overcome it!#autobiographies

You have to be resilient and you better be damn sure about decisions you make regarding your future. You better be sure, who you are, and what defines you. I was questioning all these things after that experience. The hard lessons and the failures are where you learn and grow the most.
That is, if you don't just fold up and throw in the towel.

I will never throw in the towel. That's for damn sure.

Thanks for reading this. Take a look at some of my other posts, I'm sure you will find some that are interesting to you. Please sign up to my list also. I have a form at the top right hand column of this blog. I promise not to blow up your inboxes. 

I may from time to time have some interesting things that you may benefit from, that I don't cover in this particular blog. Anyway, the next post will be back on track. I was doing a little thinking back and soul searching over the past few weeks.

There is a major change about to happen in my life, and this is what came out. Hey, at least I'm honest! lol....
Thanks again,

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