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Entrepreneurs! 5 Traits That Will Help You Succeed!#businessadvice#smallbusinesstips#leadershiptips

Entrepreneurs! 5 Traits That Will Help You Succeed!I have had plenty of time and experience to write about this subject. I believe this post has some very important points that can only come with what has been learned. I certainly hope that you will take the time to read this and hopefully take at least some of my advice to heart. It will certainly help you on your career path. Especially for those of you that aspire to be business owners or believe you have the entrepreneurial spirit.
You see I have gone from being just a regular employee, manager, to holding almost every C-Level position you could possibly have during my career. There were many lessons learned. There is still much more to encounter, there always will be. 
I have witnessed the challenges a business owner has on a daily basis, as well as experienced those challenges and more as I moved into the role of business owner, Senior Partner, Managing Partner etc.. You could say I have run the gamut. It has been quite an educati…

The Future of The Coffee Roasting Business In The U.S.#coffeefacts#businessopinions#entrepreneurs

The Future Of The Coffee Business in The U.S.

So where do you think the coffee business is going in the U.S.? As I have written in previous posts, there has been major consolidation within this industry over the past few years. Long overdue by any industry standard.

Let's take a look at the factors, roadblocks, and issues this business has, moving forward in the U.S. marketplace. It is far from unique as many industries are in the same boat. But where is the next big breakthrough? Will there be another Keurig? Well no one has a crystal ball, but there are things happening, and most of them, like the 1 cup k cup machines are not on a lot of people's radar yet. But, for someone like me, who has spent more than half of their lives in this industry, I have to believe that will come along.

Again, that next big thing in my mind is still only half the equation! Consolidation of this industry is still in the really early stages, as far as I'm concerned. But, as I sit here an…