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How To Maximize Your ROI With PPC Ads As A Local Business Owner!#smallbusinesstips#localbusinessadvertising#entrepreneurs

How To Maximize Your ROI With PPC Ads As A Local Business Owner!
by, Joe Leary - Founder of Lead Source Digital Marketer's/KYC Consulting/Former Owner of Araban Coffee Co., Inc & Beacon Hill Coffee Roaster's In Boston, MA

What Is PPC?

Let's first demystify what PPC advertising is, shall we?  PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and what it does is ensures you, as a business owner, that your company not only can be found easily based on certain search criteria, but that your AD will show up on the 1st page of Google, when anyone looking for a particular type of business puts in keywords like, Plumber's in Boston or Pool Cleaning in Tampa, Florida. Now that should be enough to maximize your ROI with PPC Ads, don't you think?#howtorunappcad

So it basically is an advertising platform that let's, local business owner's jump to the head of the line and be found without having to optimize your online presence, through other ways of ranking your website with SEO (which ca…