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How To Maximize Your ROI With PPC Ads As A Local Business Owner!#smallbusinesstips#localbusinessadvertising#entrepreneurs

How To Maximize Your ROI With PPC Ads As A Local Business Owner!
by, Joe Leary - Founder of Lead Source Digital Marketer's/KYC Consulting/Former Owner of Araban Coffee Co., Inc & Beacon Hill Coffee Roaster's In Boston, MA

What Is PPC?

Let's first demystify what PPC advertising is, shall we?  PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and what it does is ensures you, as a business owner, that your company not only can be found easily based on certain search criteria, but that your AD will show up on the 1st page of Google, when anyone looking for a particular type of business puts in keywords like, Plumber's in Boston or Pool Cleaning in Tampa, Florida. Now that should be enough to maximize your ROI with PPC Ads, don't you think?#howtorunappcad

So it basically is an advertising platform that let's, local business owner's jump to the head of the line and be found without having to optimize your online presence, through other ways of ranking your website with SEO (which can be very expensive), or any other technical knowledge having to do with organically ranking your business for Google! You know what? If I did this 5 years ago, I would be looking to maximize my ROI too. Looking for it to blow open the doors and land me tons of hot, targeted customers!

In theory it is a fantastic way to get more eyeballs on your business. Now the downside, it can be very expensive, and the bigger downside is, if you don't really know what you are doing, it is going to cost you a whole lot of money with very little return. Believe me I know. I have tested and tested and followed small business PPC Ads for more hours than you could ever imagine!

To run a successful PPC campaign that has a great ROI takes a very well thought out plan of action, you might as well be throwing money out the window, because you are not going to get the results you are hoping for. That's why many times you search for say a roofing contractor and 1 week they are the 1st company you see on Google, with their Ad,  and the next week they have virtually disappeared!

The fact is, the company goes for the PPC platform, gets a few phone calls but then realizes 3 or 4 or 5 calls doesn't justify the $15, $20, even $30 they are paying every time their ad gets clicked. Ouch!
So a business drops thousands of dollars on this, and they get very little in return. That is where PPC gets a bad rap. It isn't that it doesn't work, it does! The problem is 99% of all small business owner's are doing it completely wrong!

Even many businesses that hire traditional marketing firms don't succeed at PPC. They just don't understand this type of marketing!! I  can pick any business category in any location in the country, and I will bet you the farm, that they are not Advertising correctly! That is where we come in!


Now Google doesn't care, as long as you put the money in the till. What I am about to reveal to you, could and should very well, change every one of your intents in ever running a PPC Ad again.

You know, yesterday I was researching this subject. I came across a pretty high end niche, let's just say it is Cosmetic surgery. That is a slam dunk, because you don't need a lot of responses to at least break even on the Ads. The surgeon, when you clicked on his ad, SORRY for making you pay, but you deserve it! His page came up on the screen as, "This page is no longer Found!".

WHAT? I mean really, WHAT?

So you are running a Pay Per Click ad in a very competitive niche, and your page isn't even working???? Come on?? This is advertising kindergarten grade. Whoever placed that Ad, should be fired immediately! That surgeon is going to get a big bill, and absolutely nothing to show for it! It is a crime. But again, Google doesn't care. They are presently not making payments

Again, 99% of all small, local businesses are not doing this right! It is so apparent, what you should do, but unfortunately, none of these people are real advertising geniuses. That is where we come in!

We are. We know how to play the Pay Per Click game, and maximize any small businesses ROI.
I will go so far as to say, we can basically transform your PPC campaign from a few people per hundred clicking through your ad, to , on a bad day, 20 people out of a hundred! That is increasing your business, potentially 5X, within the first 30 days!!

That is, like I said on a bad day. We regularly have click through rates of 30,40,50 and even 60%!
That is not a typo. Imagine a small business getting 30-60 leads a day? What would that do to your business? Wait don't answer that, I will. It will change your life, because you are going to have more people to market your products or services to, that you may have a hard time keeping up with the demand. Get this special offer right here.

That is what I call a positive problem. One that many business owner's would like to have. The only way you are going to get these results is to change how you are running the Ads.

There is a reason that you are getting maybe, if your lucky, 5 or 6 prospects for every 100 clicks.
We can assist you in doing a whole lot better than that! I frankly, wouldn't get out of bed for those kind of conversion numbers. 5 or 6%? That is a terrible conversion rate, in any business.  

We guarantee that if you let us run your PPC add, that you will be converting at least double what you are currently doing. That is really a lousy conversion rate but it is still double what you are looking at right now. So contact us @ 781.626.0511. We will show you exactly what we are doing, and it is proven  and tested beyond your wildest imagination.

Imagine a month from now, having had your sales double from your ad, plus you now have a red hot targeted list of customers you can market to, without spending a dime on advertising. What could that do for your business? What could that do for your family and employees? 

 Let me answer that for you, it will make you a whole lot more money and you will have a measurable asset, a targeted list of pre qualified customers, that are someday going to need your services or product. Now that is powerful! You now have private access, and you can market to these people over and over again. No one, or virtually no one on a local level is doing this! You will have a completely Unfair Advantage over everyone you compete against. How powerful is that?

We are running a special for the month of June. We are calling this our "Summertime PPC Blowout"!

Generally when we run these insane offers they sell out in a matter of hours. This one we expect will be no different. We are only going to take 50 businesses, over the next 7 days. The price?

Everyone wants to know the price. Well we normally charge anywhere from $2500-$7500 for this type of service depending on the size of the business and its need to get into turning a profit on their ad spend.

But for the next 7 days, starting today, and ending next Wednesday June 10th, the price is only, $595.
That's right, you get our professionally written sales copy, our Lead Magnet, which will be industry specific, and our conversion strategy and all the tools to make your PPC Ad, the best performing advertisement you have ever done!  You will see, the results immediately!

We will also track your campaign and adjust your keyword strategy based on what your customers are clicking on! This service alone could save you hundreds of dollars. How?

Let me explain. Your PPC ad has keywords that you bid on. So the 1st keyword might cost you $20 per click, but what if our tracking finds out, that your ad is being clicked on for your 3rd keyword? What if you are paying $12 per click for that? So we simply move that keyword to the forefront and it will result in a much cheaper overall ad spend! Believe me this stuff happens all the time. 
Most small businesses don't even realize this goes on. 

If for any reason you don't see a marked increase in your click through's and your customer base, we will gladly refund your money. This is the best deal you are ever going to see, and like I wrote above, it is limited. We can only handle 50 customer's. 

So what I would like you to do now is , click the link below. It will take you to a page that asks for your name, email, and type of business you are currently looking to promote. We will get back to you, within 30 minutes of you filling out the information.

Here is the link below. Click on it, and take the Step to learn how to explode your ROI on PPC Ads today! There is no risk, and it is a fraction of what it normally costs to run a campaign like this. Once we are on board, you are going to be furious with yourself for having run ads the "old" way.

YES! Give Me My Summertime PPC Blowout At Over 80% OFF!! 

 Please Give Me The Link To Run A Great PPC Ad!

I am looking forward to working with the businesses that really want to take action!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and watching!

Joe Leary


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