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Entrepreneurs! Do You Want To Make $1,000,000 pr/yr or $20,000,000??#entrepreneurship#mybusiness#owningyourownbusiness

Happy New Year Everybody!

I am so proud to be a part of this number!(Don't you hear the keyboard?)

Oh No I am on the wrong blog, or maybe not.
When people start their own businesses, it is usually in some organic fashion. Now whether that is making stuff in your garage, identifying the need for a unique service, to outsourcing through sites like alibaba, that's how it starts. Obviously with an idea at the root, but I am talking about whether it is worth attaining critical mass here!

The real question becomes, how successful do you really need to be? And I worded that in a very personal way. I included the word "need" in the question. Now that is for many reasons, but the chief reason is obvious to some, and oblivious to others. It is very rare, that a business can grow past a certain Annual Gross Sales number, without needing outside help.

Most company's that are run by a sole proprietor or startup based, never even reach $ 1 million in sales, never mind make a …

Top 10 Most Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs#startups#startingyourownbusiness#toptenlists#topten#endoftheyearlists

Top 10 Most Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurship.

Today I wanted to take a look at the Top 10  common traits of what a successful entrepreneur possesses. It has been proven in many published studies that, successful entrepreneurs have very different personality traits that set them apart. Very different than say a successful partner in a law firm or a high C Level corporate manager. Could you be one of them? I know when I was researching this topic, all of these traits identified below, I certainly could relate to!

Let's see if one of you should be looking at a different career path, or you're the next world changing entrepreneur?

#1 - VisionThis by far is the 1st key. Successful entrepreneurs all have the ability to identify opportunity and imagine something, whether it is a product, service, you name it, that will either enhance or change the world. They have a burning curiosity that presents itself as a singular thought. Then they have the ability to translate that in…

How Would You Start A Coffee Roasting Company From Ground Zero?#howtostartanewbusiness#coffeeroasters#entrepreneurs#businessreviews

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Show!

So I was thrown a question out of left field the other day in a meeting, with investors discussing a coffee roasting facilities actual value! 

I was actually taken aback! I obviously answered the question with a question! The question was very direct, "what would you do now, starting from ground zero, to make a coffee roasting facility successful?"

My answer to that was a clear question, "well define ground zero?"
He said, "right now, if you had some resources at your disposal what would you do?"

Hmmmmm. Very interesting question don't you think? And by the way, this isn't niche specific, if I was to ask any business owner or founder or entrepreneur, you know their answers might be very different than mine. OK, phewww......

Well first, I would develop a solid as a rock business plan, but not just any business plan, a real bullet proof one with verifiable market statistics and everything else that is involved in comin…