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Clarification on the 3rd Blend of Coffee!!!!

Hey ,one more thing!! The 3rd blend is going to be called "The Cowboy Blend", I had my tongue in my cheek a little too deep on that one. Thank you, just had to clarify that. 4 bag Gift set for $52.95! Now I have to figure out how people can order, pretty funny actually. Talk about putting the cart before the horse! We'll figure it out in the next few days because we will be roasting our first batches of this by Friday!! Thanks for your time and appreciate you following the blog.
Joe Leary
JavaJoe's Specialty Coffee LTD

The Perfect Blends After 25 Years!!!!

Hello, Everyone,

I have been quite busy lately, probably thanks to this blog, with some really interesting projects. All the while I have been pondering whether or not, to get back into the business I so know and love.....
I have worked with people who want to use fruitwood in the roasting process to affect the ultimate flavor of the finished product, to, redesigning a production line that has multiple uses and endless flexibility! That is all well and good, and I will keep on taking these very interesting and complicated challenges. I love it, I am at the very root a fan of risk taking, if you haven't gotten that impression before this post!(HINT; maybe you should start from the beginning) LOL!!
But coffee is my love and I have been working on, what I call my "desert island blend". You get it right? You know, if you were on a desert island and you had only one song to listen to, what would it be or .....well you get it.
So after 25 years I have found and created my Jav…

How Do You Maximize Your Profit In The Coffee Industry?

Hi Everyone,

Interesting subject line don't you think? Well there are a number of ways to do this. You can do it the old school way of providing Great service and a consistent product to your customer,which is much harder than it sounds or from a pure business standpoint do you tackle it with a lean mean manufacturing machine, that is automated to the gills?
We currently have both in the U.S. but which model is better? You see the biggest bottle neck in a large coffee operation, or maybe I should rephrase that, as the biggest hurdle is flexibility, right? WRONG!!!!
What the large company's want are gigantic runs of the same product running through their air ducts, or bucket elevators and packaging the same product minute by minute. Is that a fair assessment? Well of course it is. It is like any manufacturing enviroment, the simpler and the same is always better!!!
So, what do the little guys do?
Well the answer is quite simple, they better find a niche, right? Because if you …