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The Perfect Blends After 25 Years!!!!

Hello, Everyone,

I have been quite busy lately, probably thanks to this blog, with some really interesting projects. All the while I have been pondering whether or not, to get back into the business I so know and love.....
I have worked with people who want to use fruitwood in the roasting process to affect the ultimate flavor of the finished product, to, redesigning a production line that has multiple uses and endless flexibility! That is all well and good, and I will keep on taking these very interesting and complicated challenges. I love it, I am at the very root a fan of risk taking, if you haven't gotten that impression before this post!(HINT; maybe you should start from the beginning) LOL!!
But coffee is my love and I have been working on, what I call my "desert island blend". You get it right? You know, if you were on a desert island and you had only one song to listen to, what would it be or .....well you get it.
So after 25 years I have found and created my JavaJoe's Desert Island Blend, my 3 weeks stranded Blend, my "OK This is Way Better Than Normal" blend and one hey if you have to do it, my Decadent Decaf Blend. So, here's the deal, these are not cheap! "You remember my last posting I hope about DE-Commoditizing your product article. But they are fantastic quality blends that have, after 25 years of testing, my full stamp of Approval on it!! I hope you noticed I don't advertise Dunkin Donuts or even Peet's Coffee on here. I am simply not a fan. I am however a fan of the Illy products I advertise on this blog as well as, Cafe Britt, and the Donut Shop K-Cups are the best in that limited format. Not to be a snob, but if you really want to drink great coffee, learn how to use a French Press! Which is in here somewhere in this blog!! I have been advertising it for months!! Bodum is the best, trust me!!
So now I have to figure out how to install a buy button on here for people that want to order these blends!!! Unfortunately, blogging is about as computer savvy as I get, along with putting an auto-responder on here. SO YOU CAN JOIN MY EMAIL LIST PLEASE!!!! So bear with me because I should have this all figured out by the end of the week!
I would like to ask you all a question now. You have been reading this blog, well most of you for quite awhile now. In fact my last post reached over 100 people yesterday, a new record!!! Everyone says, traffic is everything, I say loyalty is everything!! I understand their point but for all of the people following this blog, and there will be plenty more to come from it trust me, you know I have really never tried to sell you anything, and I am still not really. I would just like to know, if these coffees will be available by the end of the week, who would buy them? Leave a comment. Please. Yes or no, it is ok either way.
I can tell you that the Desert Island blend is going to be $14.29 for 11oz + shipping & handling! The other ones are going to be $13.39 and the Decaf is going to be $14.79 all 11 oz formats! It is Swiss Water Process.
Anyway, that's it for now, oh, except there will be a sampler 4 pack for 52.95!!! Initially so there you go. I hope you tell your friends and family, spread the word, I am starting from scratch on this again but I know it will be worth it!!!
So for now, We'll talk soon!!
Joe Leary
Leary Consulting LLC
Look me up on Linkedin for a taste of what I can help you with!

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