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Why Businesses Make The Mistake 82% Of The Time Hiring Managers!!

Joe Leary Founder - Lead Source Digital Maketer's/KYC Consulting/ Former Owner of Araban Coffee Co., Inc & Beacon Hill Coffee Roaster's

Why Businesses Make The Mistake 82% Of The Time Hiring Managers

I have been in 100's of businesses. Mostly small to medium sized privately held businesses.
One of the most glaring shortcomings many of them have, is believe it or not, their management

I was reading a Gallup poll that was performed about 3 months ago. It was studying 7500 businesses.
The purpose of the poll was to find out, based on a very exhaustive criteria, if the businesses were hiring the right people to be managers. Now this wasn't just lower level managers, it was all managers within an organization.

What it found was that businesses make the mistake 82% of the time hiring managers! The more I thought about it, it really does make sense. This also goes hand in hand with the fact that 52% of employees leave their jobs, not because of the pay, or the tasks, or…