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The 5 Predictor's Of Failure For Entrpreneur's!#lifelessons#entrepreneurship#businessadvice

PART 2!!
The 5 Predictor's of Failure For Entrepreneur's is a path you want to avoid at all costs! These warning signs are things that will rear their ugly head, after you have launched, and you are running your business. Make sure these things are not in your company's future.#businessrulestoavoidfailure

Avoid these and you still have a chance to be successful. These predictor's are things that forewarn, or actually should be, embedded in your very fabric. Otherwise, you better go work for someone else.#businessplanning

Follow this path, and it is a non-refundable journey to ruin!

So here we go; 

Don't let this be you!

1 - Low Business Acumen
If your idea or company, heaven forbid, fails to ad value to the business, consumer or supplier, you are not going to be in business very long.
See the only reason to start something is to be a maverick, to solve a need. If you cannot attain the necessary discipline, and follow through on your original idea(which you should have ide…

The 5 Things You Must Do To Prepare For Launch & To Succeed As An Entrepreneur!#entrepreneurs#businessadvice#startups

Hi Everyone!

These 5 Things Are absolutely necessary in order for you to reach your goal in becoming a super successful Entrepreneur and owner of a sustainable start up! Think Steve Jobs.#startups

So today, I am starting a 2 Part post from my experience and real world knowledge with regard to building a CAN'T MISS model, which if you stick to, your entrepreneurial journey will be one full of peaks upon peaks. So let's just dive right in! Well wait a minute that is definitely not Rule #1. Just a little humor to lighten the mood......#raisingcapital


You want to get that smash out of the ballpark thought? Well forget going the Business to Consumer Route! I would say, if you follow my model, which is a Business to Business model, your chances of succeeding increase by 1,000%! Yes, you read that right! This doesn't mean that later into your growth cycles, that doesn't become a massive revenue generator. Trust me, it will. But for now, my advice is focus on a bus…

Entrepreneurs! OK So You Want To Go For It!! The Big Payday!#entrepreneurs#businessadvice#growingmybusiness#goingforit#bigidea

So You Want To Be a Rock n Roll Star?

In my last post, I gave you my reasons for not going for the Big Payday! I mean everything is relative for sure, but I am talking about really going for it. Well this post is for those out there that have "The Big Idea", and want to go for the huge payday that accompanies substantially growing your business. How do you get there? Well it really isn't rocket science to tell you the truth. It just means you have to embrace change, which is easier said than done, especially if you are the founder/sole owner/visionary, like so many entrepreneurs are. Here is how you get to say!! Show me The Money!!

Here are some of the steps you must go through to get you to that next level. - Due Diligence So you might be at a plateau, but you know in your heart that this could be or should be a mass market product or service. You must take the business and compartmentalize every aspect. What you're doing. How you're doing it. Where is your "rea…