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Espresso For The Masses! The Simple Single Serve Solution!#espresso#espressomachinesforchristmas#espressoforcoffeelovers

Hi Everyone!

This is THE solution. Espresso for the masses! The Simple Single Serve Belmoca B-100 machine with capsules.#christmasdealsonespresso

Finally a machine that virtually anyone can use to make a perfect cup of Espresso, Largo(large cup), Latte's and Cappucino's if you are willing to buy a stand alone milk frother from Amazon for $51.99.
This frother makes Cappucino better than a $5,000 machine. Here is the link to order your Automatic Milk Frother.


The Belmoca capsules are a proprietary diamond shape and hold an average of 20% more coffee than any other capsule single serve model. That is extremely important because it ensures a fantastic, premium cup unlike every other competing model in this space.#simpleespressomachinesforthehome

The machine is perfect for home use, offices, salons, spas, gyms, boutiques and smaller cafes and restaurants. It is built to brew between 5-50 cups per day. So that's why I see it having mu…

How To Roast Your Own Coffee At Home!

How To Roast Your Own Coffee At Home!How to roast your own coffee at home! This is a question I have been asked by many people, especially lately. I haven't been actively updating the blog lately because this is one area of my return to the coffee business that I have really been working on.
First of all, coming from a commercial coffee roasting plant, with over 25 years of experience, this question was one I really had to think about. I was thinking, is it even possible to roast a quality cup of coffee at home and secondly, is it worth your time, effort and expense?
Well the answer is a resounding, ABSOLUTELY! Now, with Black Friday right around the corner, I thought this would be a fantastic time to talk a little about the process, the equipment required and some of the nuances you must eventually master to experience the Freshest cup of coffee you will EVER drink!
Now for me, I was lucky enough to pick whatever coffee or blend from my plant on a daily basis, throw a pound in my 1…