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How To Roast Your Own Coffee At Home!

How To Roast Your Own Coffee At Home!

How to roast your own coffee at home! This is a question I have been asked by many people, especially lately. I haven't been actively updating the blog lately because this is one area of my return to the coffee business that I have really been working on.

First of all, coming from a commercial coffee roasting plant, with over 25 years of experience, this question was one I really had to think about. I was thinking, is it even possible to roast a quality cup of coffee at home and secondly, is it worth your time, effort and expense?

Well the answer is a resounding, ABSOLUTELY! Now, with Black Friday right around the corner, I thought this would be a fantastic time to talk a little about the process, the equipment required and some of the nuances you must eventually master to experience the Freshest cup of coffee you will EVER drink!

Now for me, I was lucky enough to pick whatever coffee or blend from my plant on a daily basis, throw a pound in my 1 lb. commercial grade lab roaster and savor what I think, as a coffee lover, the closest thing to an out of body, life changing burst of outstanding flavors you are ever going to experience! Drinking coffee that was literally roasted minutes before you drink it, is something that is so satisfying and delicious that drinking even a very nice blend or varietal from your favorite coffee shop or store bought bag just doesn't even come close to this experience. 

I have done all the work for you! For the past 2 months I have tested home coffee roasters, grinders and some widely available green beans to come up with some fantastic equipment that is going to deliver something that you will be amazed at, once you have gone through the process. I have gotten so obsessed with the "home roasting" idea, that after January 1st, I will be starting a new wordpress membership site based on The Art and Science of Home Coffee Roasting!

It will consist of a twice monthly newsletter full of tips, recommendations, scientific facts, and well, a whole lot of my 25 plus years of cupping, roasting, blending, and quality control knowledge. Think of it as a M.B.A. site in coffee roasting! I think once you have tried home roasting there will be no going back! Also, I can promise that the site will be unmatched in its content, because I will hold nothing back! If you are a true coffee lover, you owe it to yourself, to learn how to roast your own coffee, but the site will go far beyond that. I will cover, roast shades, monthly green bean picks, blending tips and tricks, along with a whole lot of hidden gems of information you certainly won't be able to get anywhere else, or at least from someone with the level of expertise I have been lucky enough to acquire over my career! If you would like to make sure you are on the list for pre-sign up, I have put in a name and email address form right below. When you decide to enroll early, you will get guaranteed entry into the site, because there will be a limit put on the enrollment. Why? Well one reason is, I want people to get personal access to me, and there are only so many subscribers I can give that kind of attention to! The other reason is, I will be making available green bean "Micro lots", which means there will be a very limited amount of these amazing beans available and I want to ensure that every member can have access to these coffees, rarely available anywhere in the world! Have I got your attention, yet?

There are other reasons also, but that will be revealed in a "members only" area, and upon sign up, you will find out a few more reasons I have decided to go this route with the site! But for now, some details! I want to be extremely transparent. The membership will be monthly, the fee is $29.99, and there are only be 150 spots available. So if you are interested, sign up below, and get ready to become a coffee roasting and tasting Master!!

JavaJoe's Home Coffee Roasting Membership Site Subscribe Now!

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This is going to be a very content rich, amazing membership site, which will not only teach you the best way to get the freshest cup of coffee, but you will know what to look for, have access to coffees that very few people ever get to even sample, and you could easily start your own business by the time you absorb all the content you will receive!

Below is a bunch of home roasting equipment that is available right now. Now this isn't what the site will have but I will certainly assist you with this blog, if you purchase this equipment. It is very easy to use, will deliver a great cup of home roasted coffee and I especially like the grinders!

Grinders are a very important part of the process. The burr grinders I have on display will give you an amazing cup of coffee even if you buy whole bean coffee at the store! People don't understand that grinding coffee to a certain level and have the grinder actually do a good job is at least half the battle for a great cup of coffee. The burr grinder, which is used in many commercial settings is night and day better than the cheap blade grinders that chop the coffee, which gives you a very uneven product. What that means is no matter what coffee you are drinking, it will not give you the right profile when you brew it! So even if you don't want to do anything else, I would strongly recommend buying one of these grinders for the coffee lover in your home! You will see an immediate difference in flavor, regardless of what you are drinking.

The home roaster featured here, is a good starter. It is very easy to use and you could be roasting your own coffee as soon as you open the box! There are some comment that you have to sort of shake it to get an even roast, but generally it has great reviews for someone that wants that home roasting experience for a reasonable amount of investment. The green coffee featured in the ad below, is in my opinion the best deal and the best quality on the open market. It will give you an excellent cup of coffee with a full bodied, fruity quality that is very satisfying, and the quality is very consistent! So please take a look at these ads, if you are a coffee lover! You will get a very good cup of coffee that is far and away better than anything you are buying right now! I am here to answer any questions and to help you through if you have any questions when you are home roasting. Obviously my new site will be much more involved, but if you buy something from the ads below, I will not leave you to fend for yourself! I am here and will help you get through it, although you won't or shouldn't need too much help, this equipment is pretty basic and easy to use.

So here are my top picks for home roasting for the masses! I highly recommend the 1st grinder no matter what you are doing because it gives you a coffee manufacturing consistent grind, that will make a huge difference! Otherwise, all the other items are great too. I hope you take me up on some of these items. It is the perfect holiday gift for the coffee lover in your home!! So, thank you for reading, I really hope you sign up for my new site, but if not, really take a look at these items I have personally chosen for you. You will be extremely satisfied with picking anyone of these.

Don't forget if you really want to get basic, you can always roast the beans in a cast iron pan on a gas stove or in a popcorn popper! Will it be perfect? No. But it will give you an idea of what can be accomplished in your home roasting your own coffee! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this!

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