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How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly!#googleupdate#mobilefriendlywebsites#mobilewebsitesforbusiness

How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly!

Just in case you have been hiding behind a rock lately, here is some must have information for ALL businesses!

Google's latest update which is now over 1 month old, is impacting many a local business. If your site is NOT Mobile Friendly in accordance with Google's algorithm, you are about to be in for a rude awakening!#whatdoesmobilefriendlymean

You know all that organic traffic you potentially get for free? Well you can forget about that, because if your site is not mobile friendly and your competitor's site is, they will get all that mobile and organic search traffic!#mobilesearches

This is going to impact a huge amount of businesses. I have made up an info -graphic which shows every business, what is happening. This last update is penalizing any business owner, whose site is not easy to navigate on a mobile device.#newmobileinfographics

Luckily I have a great solution! You have 2 different ways to go, with your websites and online pres…

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Small Business Owner's Want To Save Money And Grow Your Business?#smallbusinessadvice#startups#entrepreneurs

Small Business Owner's Want to Save Money And Grow Your Business?

This is always a huge question for small to medium sized businesses. Obviously you are in business to grow it and hopefully do it in as smart a way possible.#outsourcingtips

Having been in this category for over 25+ years, it was always a Catch-22! You are a business that is successful in your market but because of your size and resources, you don't have the massive budgets larger businesses have at their disposal in your competitive market. How do you overcome this?

Well now that I am a full time consultant and pretty much deal with this category almost exclusively, there are some points I would like you to consider, that are a little "out of the box", in terms of ways to accomplish this!#howtogrowyourbusiness

I hope you will heed my advice because if you do, you will have a strategy that will do both. Grow your business and save valuable cash flow, for you to exceed your expectations. It is something I u…

How To Succeed In Sales!#businessadvice#howtoselleffectively#howtoqualifyleads

How To Succeed In Sales! Interesting enough subject I think. I would like to write about a few instances and techniques I have developed over the years. These tips on how to sell effectively, really do work. So hopefully you will read this post and extract some real value from it.

I am a big believer in over-delivery, I am also a big fan of making money!! So there is a process that anyone involved in delivering sales for a living should learn. First of all, let's examine "Best Price". Well that is a perceived value isn't it? The best price for one thing is not necessarily the best price for an entirely different product, right? I can count on 1 hand how many times, price was the deciding factor in getting new customers.

 I mean sure, price is a factor, but in my mind it should be way down the list of why someone does business with you. If it is always about price, you are most likely not going to retain the customer for any real long term relationship. Eventually you w…

The Path to Success - Why failure Is Good For You#blogsabouthowtosucceed#blogsaboutentrepreneurs#businessadvice

Again, just cold hard content! I hope you enjoy it. The next few posts will be very different, but for now, I hope you find my opinions on this subject useful!

How do you view failure? Do you see it as something negative that you don’t want to be associated with or do you see it as something positive? Most people in the world don’t like failure.

Fear of failure is the main reason why more than 80% of people in the world are not prepared to change their circumstances. Why do people fear failure so much? The reason for this is because people don’t understand the dynamics involved in success and failure.

Everything we do in life has either a right way of doing it and a wrong way of doing it. When we do it the right way we meet with success. Needless to say that when we do it the wrong way we are unsuccessful.#storiesofhope

Remember the true meaning of Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting a different outcome!#blogsabouthope

Understanding this is important becaus…

Leadership – Ten Relationship Traits And Skills For Good Leadership#breakingnews#trendingbusinessblogs,#topbusinessblogs

Hi Everyone, 
Sometimes, content is king! This is a straight at you post, just full of really good content.#tipsforentrepreneurs
I hope you will read through this post, with, NO LINKS & NO PITCHES(well accept at the very end.)..........
An important aspect of good leadership is the ability to work and relate with others. There are ten qualities that characterize successful leadership in the area of relating and communicating with other people.#adviceforstartups
1. Availability A good leader is available and in touch with people. An important leadership skill is the ability to recognize needs and, be able to respond to them quickly and in the moment. How do you think you can maximize someone’s strengths and talent if you don’t communicate?
2. Facilitating Harmonious Relationships A good leader realizes the importance of harmonious relationships and is proactive in creating a harmonious atmosphere. Successful results are born out of harmony rather than conflict. Good leadership will prior…