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How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly!#googleupdate#mobilefriendlywebsites#mobilewebsitesforbusiness

How To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly!

Just in case you have been hiding behind a rock lately, here is some must have information for ALL businesses!

Google's latest update which is now over 1 month old, is impacting many a local business. If your site is NOT Mobile Friendly in accordance with Google's algorithm, you are about to be in for a rude awakening!#whatdoesmobilefriendlymean

You know all that organic traffic you potentially get for free? Well you can forget about that, because if your site is not mobile friendly and your competitor's site is, they will get all that mobile and organic search traffic!#mobilesearches

This is going to impact a huge amount of businesses. I have made up an info -graphic which shows every business, what is happening. This last update is penalizing any business owner, whose site is not easy to navigate on a mobile device.#newmobileinfographics

Luckily I have a great solution! You have 2 different ways to go, with your websites and online presence.

1. You can simply hire someone like myself to build you a mobile site. Mobile website design is something I have been personally doing for about 2 years now. It is relatively easy to do and is customized to your business. The turnaround time for our mobile service design is approximately 10-14 days currently. Please contact us here for a quote! One more thing, we have the latest software and design applications on the market, so your site will not only be mobile friendly in Google's eyes, it will look spectacular and be extremely easy to navigate. Here is the link to get your mobile website quote.
Please Give Me A Mobile Website Quote!

2. You can see this as a time to Re-vamp your online presence! There are a number of businesses who have outdated websites. This is the perfect time to get your site or sites redesigned by Lead Source Digital Marketer's. Yes that is a clickable link! We use a Responsive design, which means for your business, a consistent look for your website on ANY device that people use these days.#responsivedesignwebsites

This means your site will look fantastic on Mobile devices, IPads, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops.
Many of our newer customers are choosing this route because it ensures that their sites get the exposure they deserve, no matter who is searching for them and on what device!

Click here and let, Lead Source Digital Marketer's Quote Your Business, for a spectacular online experience for your customers and potential customers.

We guarantee our work 100%, and we are a hands on firm that really takes the time to learn what you are trying to accomplish.

Don't just dismiss this latest update. It will negatively affect your rankings, and increasingly drop you out of the search engines! 

This is not a post to scare you. This is just the facts of what will happen if you don't address this major issue.

One more thing;
By being pro active and contacting us, you will receive the added benefit of our SEO audit which is normally $599 for an audit! You will receive this free as a service for choosing Lead Source Digital Marketer's!
We urge you to take action asap. Your rankings aren't getting any better, if you don't have a mobile friendly site! Check out the infographic we made below.

These are all based on actual facts and real market research that we have been conducting over the past 6 months! Don't let your business get buried on the Google search dust bin!

Contact us here for a free assessment of your site and a quote on either a mobile site or a responsive Design Site Today.

I Need A Quote For My Business!

Here is our Info Graphic!


This info graphic is full of great statistics! All of the information has been sourced and triple checked for accuracy!!#getmobilefriendly

If you cannot view the full infographic, please use the scroll bar below to see all of it! Make sure you read all the information, it will only help you understand the importance of mobile in today's business world!

Contact us through this link; Lead Source Digital Marketer's Website Design Quote! 

You can also call us! We can be reached at ; 781.626.0511

Thanks for following and reading.

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