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Espresso For The Masses! The Simple Single Serve Solution!#espresso#espressomachinesforchristmas#espressoforcoffeelovers

Hi Everyone!

This is THE solution. Espresso for the masses! The Simple Single Serve Belmoca B-100 machine with capsules.#christmasdealsonespresso

Finally a machine that virtually anyone can use to make a perfect cup of Espresso, Largo(large cup), Latte's and Cappucino's if you are willing to buy a stand alone milk frother from Amazon for $ 51.99.
This frother makes Cappucino better than a $5,000 machine. Here is the link to order your Automatic Milk Frother.


espresso,christmas giftsfor espresso lovers

The Belmoca capsules are a proprietary diamond shape and hold an average of 20% more coffee than any other capsule single serve model. That is extremely important because it ensures a fantastic, premium cup unlike every other competing model in this space.#simpleespressomachinesforthehome

The machine is perfect for home use, offices, salons, spas, gyms, boutiques and smaller cafes and restaurants. It is built to brew between 5-50 cups per day. So that's why I see it having multiple uses. If you have a restaurant, think about using this machine at the bar for making Espresso Martini's! Think of the ease of use, the small footprint and your bartender's will thank you because they don't have to run back and forth or pre-brew espresso(which isn't fresh) so your quality is 100% better! Your customers will know the difference trust me!#espressomachinesforbars

It is also a fantastic entry point because of its price. The machine is selling for $225 from me, and that is an unvbelievable price for the quality of this machine!  The capsules, which upon your first order comes in a 50 count variety pack are priced at $1.00 per capsule, or $50 a case.#singleserveespresso

They come in 10 count sleeves and there are 5 different flavor profiles. My clear cut favorite is the Crescendo capsule because I feel it makes the strongest espresso. However this is a very speculative thing, so I urge you to try all of the varieties and settle on your preference.

We offer a convenient auto ship program on the capsules moving forward, so you can be sure you will never run out of capsules. I live in Scituate, Ma, so if you are local to me, I also carry a full inventory and would be happy to deliver your capsules or ship them if you ever get caught short.

Please watch my demo video I shot so you can see how simple this really is to operate. The maintenance is also very simple, as the pieces snap out for washing in the sink or to throw in your dishwasher.#espressofacts

So here is the demo. There will be a "Buy Now" button that will appear on the right middle of the screen which is a link to purchase the starter pack! There is still time to order and have your machine for Christmas. This would make a great gift for the espresso lover in your life! The machine is built in Belgium and it is extremely well built, heats up to the exact temperature every single time (unlike the over-hyped Nespresso machines), and the coffee in my opinion is far superior. Believe me, I have 25 plus years of direct experience, cupping, roasting and blending coffees from every corner of the world that grows coffee! This is a winner! 

I have also, blind taste tested this with 10 of my good friends, who are not in the coffee industry. Everyone picked the Belmoca Espresso, hands down.
I know it is not as scientific as I could have made it, but in my judgement, it is a great barometer putting the espresso to the test because it was judged by just regular people who like Espresso but have no formal training, which I think is really the ultimate way to conduct it. The general public, every day consumer, picked the Belmoca product 10-0! A complete shut out! 
Contact me, or order now! This will make a fantastic holiday gift for the espresso lover! If the button does not work, email me @ jleary60@hotmail, and I'll take care of it for you! Happy holidays! Joe 

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