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I Have Come Full Circle - But In A Very Different Way

I Have Come Full Circle - But In A Very Different WaySo it has been just a little bit over 4 1/2years to the day that I put my coffee roasting apron down and decided to focus my attention on my family and ! I have thought enough about this move to make a significant difference.  I figure I have about 1-3 months to take it all in and position our company to roll out a very new month, to get this brand new show on the road. We will have this shined up, and ready to work and delight your taste buds with some or the top tasting coffees we have exhaustively researched and done our due diligence on. All of these guys are well versed on what constitutes a coffee that is "special". and that is exactly the 1st prerequisite to anything we carry from here on in, it has to be special! Otherwise, go to Dunkin Donuts or some 90 year old company with 90 year old equipment, and 90 year old .  Oh and the owner/owners/family members etc... were all around 90!! Not that there is anything wrong …