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Off the subject, but my site is I will talk about almost anything

I just want to give a quick shout out to all those people, who think they can get rich quick. Making money on line is like Dodge City in 1852! You know how people made money in 1852? The same way they are making it now. You know everyone wants you to believe that there is a whole new world out there. WAKE UP people, there isn't! If you have a great idea or an innovative product, then fine. Work on it, bring to market, get some capital, whether it is an angel or a VC fund! Please don't sign up for Click n Profits, or making my next job at home or the many thousands of b.s scams out there! Yeah and that means YOU EMPOWER NETWORK!! Give me a brake!! Oh one more thing EMPOWER NETWORK, call me a pussy to my face. I dare one of you bullshit artists knock on my door and do that. Please do. Oh no wait there just was a knock on my door...... Oh sorry it was just the pizza delivery guy, trying to make an HONEST living. So everyone, please, shake these people off they are no good money hungry, take advantage of the disadvantaged people just like people have from 150 years ago. The only difference is, they have no finesse, they are cowards. At least back then you had to sit in front of someone to scam them! Away with them all, and again, knock at my door and call me a whatever, for not joining you crap. We'll see what happens buddy.

Guys and Gals, I promise to get back to the story at hand tomorrow. I think I better change my blogspot  .com to something like , One Man's Life. Period. I have a lot to right about, and it is just not about anything, it is about my life in business. My life in general, my life and losses, the agony and the success. Give me some feedback, because, I need it. I will listen to all that respond. I have a real feeling I need to tell not just my story, but my family's story. Peace and out for tonight. I thank everyone who is following this thing, it has always been a rollercoaster, I am not going to lie. But in the end, someone might benefit from it, because it is the truth. Didn't someone say, the truth will set you free? Well that is what I'm looking for everyone. Seek and you shall find. DO NOT BUY ANY OF THAT INTERNET CRAP!!!!! Please.

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The Art Of Creating A Great Coffee Blend

THE ART OF CREATING A GREAT COFFEE BLEND!This is pretty much where the rubber meets the road, in the coffee industry. Coffee blends make up the vast majority of successful products within this industry. Single Origins and Estate Coffees are wonderful, but, coffee blends are generally the mainstay of most consumers purchases. There are several reasons for that.
Today I want to explain and explore how you would go about finding the right coffee blend for you and, what goes into the process of roasting and blending coffee and the underlying reasons. I hope you find this enjoyable and entertaining. After all it really is the "Art" side of the coffee industry. It is also the down and dirty business side of the industry. Let's take a closer look at what goes into this process.

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By Joe Leary/Principal/Lead Source Digital Marketer's & KYC Consulting on LinkedIn

Today I would like to explain just how much the roasting process effects the coffee we consume on a daily basis. I sincerely hope you find this article enjoyable, interesting and informative.

I am going to attempt to explain the 4 major roasting processes and what it does and doesn't do to the world's second most popularly traded commodity. Before I get started, there is something you need to know about coffee. When coffee is roasted it goes through a process, within that process the beans are altered by temperature and generally gas, LNG, electricity and even wood.

During this process the beans reach levels within that process that makes the beans, "crack". Depending on how light or dark they are being roasting they "crack either once or twice. This alters the flavor profile tremendously, so please keep that in mind while reading this article.

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Has The Coffee Roasting Business In The U.S. Taken Its Last J.A.B.?
Unless you have been hiding in an unmarked oil well over the past few months, you already must have realized there has been a significant change in the coffee roasting industry. The $40 billion U.S. market has another bully on the block and watch out Nestle, these gentleman are playing for all the marbles.#entrepreneurship

Coffee beans, which is the second largest traded commodity in the world is apparently a target of one of the richest families in Europe. The Reimann family has not so quietly, been actively targeting U.S roasters and using a “price is not an issue" formula!

The cash is there, and they are clearly not afraid to be buying based on future earnings projections. This isn't a strange occurrence for J.A.B., they purchased D.E. Master Blenders, Douwe Egbert for a cool $10 billion. Many analysts refer to this transaction as, "a pure play coffee company".

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