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One Man's Journey in the Coffee Industry and Life

Hey Everyone,
I have to say that I am sooooooo frustrated trying to get traffic to this site!! I have been trying to connect with Technocrati but I can't get a feed correctly over to them that works. Supposedly google + blogger is fired up by Atom but do you think I can attach my blog to them? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I am so sick and tired of this technical bullshit. why can't we actually have a free working web that can be so easy to use a 5 year old can do it? You know why Money!!!!!!! It's like the song says, THAT's WHAT I WANT!!! Complete crap by the way. Hey let me throw something out to you, I know it may be mind blowing but it still rings true. Do you know that J Paul Getty, oh you probably don't even know who that is but look him up, said,  I would rather have the benefit of 1% of 100 people than 100% of 1 person. That kind of sums up the internet right now but hey, what does a guy know in 1887? I mean we are in the age of all this crap! But you know what, if you have nothing to sell and can't demonstrate your results in real time what the hell are we doing? Everyone better look at what this machine is for and how to maximize it, because it is being abused it is being a place for computer geeks only and if that's the case, Darwin was wrong! We are complicating something that should be more intuitive, we are ruining a great opportunity. But as a race, I mean human's, historically that's what we do! There is no governance of this thing. There really isn't a general board of rules, oh, and don't give me the crap about, hey that's why it is the internet anything can happen!!! NOOOOO it can't, we haven't evolved at all, actually we have devolved, if that's a word. I think there should be a tolerance for free thinking and new ideas, ABSOLUTELY! I don't think there should be no rules!! That directly leads to mayhem and crazy bad things. Look at history! Look at the people that have REAL computer skills! Is that the future? Well if it is then I'm out! What happened to this thing is everyone got so enamored with its power, no one really thought, it is just another tool to move mankind ahead, like the industrial age and steam and electricity and all the things that have moved us ahead. This is not the answer it is just a tool!! Remember that, I am really worried that a lot of people think this is the future! If this is the future we are all in deep trouble! This might be a technological jumping off point but IBM knew that in 1959! It has taken us that long to get here. I don't want to sound like a glass half empty guy, but I have to tell you, there needs to be a sea change in the culture. It needs to happen within the next five years or I am afraid things are going to change permanently. Just one man's opinion.
So much for the rant, If anyone wants to read on, I am here. To me this is just a keyboard, just like a typewriter, that can share things with people I can't reach. that's all nothing more and nothing less.
So it is 1994 in my life and for all intents and purposes, I am running a real nuts and bolts, or as they like to call now, a bricks and mortar business. I know what the problems were but everything has a solution. It is just not so obvious. We were adding people and not trying to get ahead technologically because, I was dealing with someone that thought we just add people because, we can always get rid of them if you don't need them. That is a hard thing to deal with. That again is DE-Evolution. I think you should use technology to advance for a common goal. That was not what I was dealing with in 1994. It was more about money, isn't it always, though. I could see the road we wee going down, but I wasn't the driver, I was the guy who was getting paid to keep it going and it wasn't easy. A machine would break down and we'd use duck tape to fix it, a computer glitch would happen and we would call service and get it fixed, even though it was the wrong software to run the business. I would just go home and wonder, where is this going? At that point, I made a decision that I know where it is going, but how do I convince a guy who has been making $1 million a year for the last 20 years to change. I decided I couldn't do that, give him his due and let's see what happens. Sometimes it is better to bite your tongue and try to change things you have control of. So that's what I decided to do for awhile anyway. But then we took another trip to Canada, and things started to rapidly change. My life was good, I started playing in a band again, which I hadn't done since 1985. I found happiness in music, never let my boss know this but it was a huge part of my life. He wouldn't have understood it. I felt free in a lot of ways, because I wasn't directly responsible for anything yet and I felt I was really helping the company move forward but I was limited at what I could do. That was going to change drastically very soon.

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