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One Man's Journey in the Coffee Industry and life

This is a rant, and one  that has be said!! Kids generally suck, I mean kids that have a gifted life and basically don't have to worry about anything. You see you think you are giving them everything, but you are not giving them anything! My daughter is 27, she lost a baby to SIDS, which I started a foundation for, it is the Brady William Leary SIDS Foundation, a legitimate 501C3 non profit organization. My son who 6 months after losing his sister's little baby, 7 weeks old, lost his best friend. We had so much shit going on it was out of control. Yeah I was making great money, but there is a disconnect that happens when PTSD strikes you in 6 months time.

Really, is this evolution. I think not, but there are some things you should know about me before I start blogging in earnest again! Things you need to understand;

I fought, I mean punched and hit someone everyday of my life until I was 15. Yeah I fought my way out, if you didn't you were going to get punched and hit. I lived in a project and you either did that or you were bullied your entire life. Kill or be killed mentality. It wasn't, as they say good for the soul!
I hid from the weekly insurance broker, when I was seven, because my mother told me not to answer the door, because my father wasn't home, probably on a bender, so I was the man of the house! I later realized that the reason I was told not to answer the door was because we didn't have the $4 a week to pay for some crazy life insurance policy, that my parent's didn't even understand.
I had a best friend, that told me when I got successful, "We can't keep up with you guys", see you later.
I stood up for the geeks in my high school and was ostracized for it. I didn't care.                              

My best friend died of AIDS in 1992, He promised me he was using protection.
I overcompensated for my upbringing and was too generous to the point of being ridiculous.
I gave all my employees a 28lb fresh turkey for thanksgiving and a christmas bonus that was at least 2 weeks of their pay.
I helped so many people including my family it is crazy, whether it was giving my ex sister in law her mortgage payment, because my brother just checked out, to paying an employee for 8 weeks while his son recovered from a life threatening accident, and never charging him vacation or sick time.
I paid for another employee to help her daughter who was dying, which she wasn't, and then another employee who couldn't afford day care, so I was walking around with the baby when he got fussy.
I never intentionally screwed anybody, ever!
I have been in a band, rock n roll of course, since I was 15. I faked my way into my first band, by telling the guitar player I had a Stratocaster, but I smashed it just like Pete Townsend of the WHO.
Funny thing is, that was his favorite band, so I was in. Oh yeah, I told him I was a lead singer and never sang a note in public in my life, but hey somehow I found my voice. Who knew, I also told him I wrote songs, original songs! The first practice, I literally wrote a song in front of the band, that I said was already written. I thought that was pretty cool, they did too, but it really was a bad song. Ah, who cares I got in the band. I am still writing my own songs and the band is now a whole lot better!
My favorite song is, Born To Run, my favorite band is The Beatles! I used to idolize Aerosmith, hey they were from Boston. I am a homer. I love the Red Sox, I loved the Celtics of the 80's, never missed a game. I am a sports junky, I am a music junky. I have 9800+ songs on itunes. I still think I can play basketball. I still think I can be relevant in the music business. I am overly loyal. I hate life drama. I despise manipulation. I don't like people with hidden agendas. I never was given anything in my life, that substantially changed my life! I never thought I would own a company growing up. My father was the baby of 17 children! My grandmother had 7 boys in WWII, they all came home, 2 with purple hearts! I have 85 first cousins on my father's side of the family! My father had nephews and nieces older than him! Crazy Irish catholic family from Dorchester! There's more, but that's all for now. I'll start back up again later on today! Thanks, for listening and reading! I am trying to figure out how I can get people to sign up for this blog. Don't worry, I'll get there, this is definitely a full learning experience.
Hang on, I'll get there.

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