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You know I just don't get it. Everyone is be careful, be this ,be that. For WHAT? I am writing truthful content and I don't care if someone gets their nose broken!! I really don't. You know there is an old Buddhist story that simply says, if you buy you're favorite thing in the whole wide world, whether it is a plate, a coffee cup, a wine glass, whatever it is. Keep it in your favor forever, and buy it like it is already broken! Let's face it, nothing lasts forever, our houses will be dust in 300 years, the trees in your backyard, will die and return to where they came from. We all live our lives and then we turn to dust! Right? Am I right? Everything in this living world has a birth and an ending. But when you buy into anything, you should think about its life expectancy. What is now may not be tomorrow, but how will you deal with that? But when you have something that you really love, and you gain control of this item, whether it is a life, a glass, a plate or a dish that you love. If you think this way, when the the life, glass, plate or dish breaks, you will say, I am so grateful for having the time to enjoy, the time I spent with you. Not the reasonable human reaction, OH MY GOD, I just lost my favorite person, or I just broke my favorite dish or glass or whatever. No if you let it, it will be a reaction of compassion and thoughtfulness. Which many human's don't possess. That would make a better world and a better life. Why aren't we evolving ? Is Darwin really wrong? I have to question everything because our cultire has become one of what you don't know is good!! That's wrong, reach out, break the boundaries of where you come from. READ< READ <READ!!!! Then make your own determination. I still think a Harvard MBA is a JOKE, I think A lot of education, the way we are taught is a JOKE!!!! Go to the library, read things, YOU DON'T WANT TO READ, and find things THAT INTEREST YOU. Otherwise, this existence is very ordinary! Is there anyone out there that doesn't think that ordinary is just fitting in? Don't fit in Be vigilant, be revolutionary, be someone who makes a difference!!! PLEASE.......

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Has The Coffee Roasting Business In The U.S. Taken Its Last J.A.B.?#coffee#coffeebusinessnews

Has The Coffee Roasting Business In The U.S. Taken Its Last J.A.B.?
Unless you have been hiding in an unmarked oil well over the past few months, you already must have realized there has been a significant change in the coffee roasting industry. The $40 billion U.S. market has another bully on the block and watch out Nestle, these gentleman are playing for all the marbles.#entrepreneurship

Coffee beans, which is the second largest traded commodity in the world is apparently a target of one of the richest families in Europe. The Reimann family has not so quietly, been actively targeting U.S roasters and using a “price is not an issue" formula!

The cash is there, and they are clearly not afraid to be buying based on future earnings projections. This isn't a strange occurrence for J.A.B., they purchased D.E. Master Blenders, Douwe Egbert for a cool $10 billion. Many analysts refer to this transaction as, "a pure play coffee company".

Their coffee portfolio no…

The Coffee Roasting Process and Its Effects On The Products You Drink!

By Joe Leary/Principal/Lead Source Digital Marketer's & KYC Consulting on LinkedIn

Today I would like to explain just how much the roasting process effects the coffee we consume on a daily basis. I sincerely hope you find this article enjoyable, interesting and informative.

I am going to attempt to explain the 4 major roasting processes and what it does and doesn't do to the world's second most popularly traded commodity. Before I get started, there is something you need to know about coffee. When coffee is roasted it goes through a process, within that process the beans are altered by temperature and generally gas, LNG, electricity and even wood.

During this process the beans reach levels within that process that makes the beans, "crack". Depending on how light or dark they are being roasting they "crack either once or twice. This alters the flavor profile tremendously, so please keep that in mind while reading this article.

I have included some pictures, t…

How To Roast Your Own Coffee At Home!

How To Roast Your Own Coffee At Home!How to roast your own coffee at home! This is a question I have been asked by many people, especially lately. I haven't been actively updating the blog lately because this is one area of my return to the coffee business that I have really been working on.
First of all, coming from a commercial coffee roasting plant, with over 25 years of experience, this question was one I really had to think about. I was thinking, is it even possible to roast a quality cup of coffee at home and secondly, is it worth your time, effort and expense?
Well the answer is a resounding, ABSOLUTELY! Now, with Black Friday right around the corner, I thought this would be a fantastic time to talk a little about the process, the equipment required and some of the nuances you must eventually master to experience the Freshest cup of coffee you will EVER drink!
Now for me, I was lucky enough to pick whatever coffee or blend from my plant on a daily basis, throw a pound in my 1…