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Hey I have to say, this is a stretch for me, being from Boston and all. But Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks tonight on winning the Stanley cup!! I mean how good can it it get? Two teams from the original six on national television, and what a great game! Boston is a hockey town!! So isn't Chicago, I have been there quite often and kudos to you, you were the better team and you deserved to win, I know it sucks for us but reality is in the proof and the proof was you beat us fair and square!! So, that does not mean you lose your competitive edge, that does not mean the team we had couldn't achieve the ultimate goal. That means you go back to the drawing board and you analyze why it happened.
You see there are certain companies, sports teams, operations that you want to lift the best practices out of and get to understand the intricacies that make them great and then tweak them to be better. That is life and that is business. If you aren't changing for the good of moving your business forward, you are falling behind, plain and simple. So, in 1995, with the frost, and getting lucky we made over $375,000 in a matter of 4 hours. I could've made more but i pulled the plug and sold all our futures at 2.46. The market that day went to $2.73. Didn't have the balls or the interest to stay in. I am a, take what you can get and maximize it kind of manger, especially when I really had no idea what I was doing. After that though, I did know and was much more disciplined. But hey, in my mind I hit a home run for the company, I rounded the bases with my hand in the air. Otherwise we were sunk with some of the fixed pricing contracts we had. we survived because we made that profit to offset the actual costs. Now I realized, there is a whole new world out there, that can sink us or protect us, but I was already a risk taker, so why not. Why not? Because it was someone else's money and you know what, I felt the weight of that. I needed parameters. So that was the next conversation with my owner. It went better than I thought. But I had bigger ideas, which were not on the agenda.
Again, congratulations Blackhawks, I always loved the shaking hands at the end of a long fought out series. I think that should somehow be incorporated in business in some way. You fight for the same customers ,whoever wins, congratulate them, learn, move on. I don't know....... Keep reading, I am very happy to say this blog has eclipsed 2500 hits today, without any advertising, monetizing, very little promoting! I know that is a very small number of readers in the world of the ever powerful internet. But hey I'll take it and proud of it!! Please sign up as followers! This blog will get better as time goes on I guarantee it and if it doesn't drop it!! Thanks for reading as always though! I really appreciate it!! Joe

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