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I think that common sense is THE biggest thing you can have in regard to running a successful business! I think Webster's should ban common sense and re-label it uncommon sense, because it is so rare! Really think about it, most mistakes happen in this world because people don't display, COMMON sense! It is a long underrated gift, that most people don't possess. That is the reason I got ahead, it was simple for me, and I am not blowing my horn, believe me. It was just simply, what works in the most efficient manner and what doesn't work is the wrong way. Now you can obviously make that way better, but the way is the way, let's put it that way, huh? You can talk all you want about going to business school and learning kaizen techniques and six sigma black belt blah, blah, blah or go one further and talk about lean methodologies????? Really, have you read up on this shit? Is someone reinventing the wheel here? NOOOOOOOOO! They are not! Go read J.Paul Getty's biography or the Vanderbilt's or the best one I guess is Henry Ford's path into a successful business. The fact of the matter is, common sense and intuitive behavior, wins EVERYTIME! GET IT! Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of Jack Welch and what he accomplished, as well as Steven jobs at Apple and Bill Gates at Microsoft. But I am a huge fan of Warren Buffet, who says he will never invest in technology, why? Because he buys businesses based on cash flow! You know the first thing you should know about business? GET THE MONEY! Rule No. 1. RULE No. 2 is GET THE MONEY!!!!  So all you agents of change and forward thinking haven't really done a thing, because that was J.Paul Getty's theme as well as Vanderbilt as well as Ford keep it coming. I get the concept of all these new rules but they are not new rules, they have been around since 1875!!! Yeah, can we be more productive by using technology, absolutely, but it ultimately comes down to, can you deliver a superior product, within a targeted market, and be successful! That is not innovation that is common sense!! So here we are at the crossroads of this crazy blog. But is it really crazy? I don't think so. If you have an idea great!!! Don't reinvent the wheel, make it the best product you can and sell it for a profit! That is America. If it fits great if it doesn't, come up with one that does. That is the entrepreneurial spirit that needs to be ignited in this great country!
I have secured the domain name of "GoodKarmaCoffee Yeah right! Why wouldn't have somebody thought that besides me! Well as I said it will be the best coffee from around the world roasted at just the right temperature, at just the right time!! It will not be $8.99 for a 12 oz bag, it will be more like 13.99 but the people that grow the coffee will get a 50/50 split on all profits!! This is groundbreaking stuff. Hey it will be in a tye died bag with coffee such as "PEACEFUL MORNING BLEND" or "BODY & SOUL BLEND or whatever. We'll see. Hang on more to come. That's it for now about the new coffee model! Back to the future............
It is 1995 and I am a President of a multi-million dollar coffee manufacturing and distribution/sales business. Wow. They say you can never jump from A-Z, and I didn't I put the work in, I learned my craft. I spent sixty hours a week learning my business. Did I know it all, I thought then I did, Lack of experience! You never know it all I don't care who you are. But I got there by little steps, not all at once, that mattered and I never forgot. It is the little things snd the details that make you successful. It is step by step not overnight success. Thank you dearly for reading this blog, I am happy to tell you over 3,000 people have read this blog with virtually no advertising. I shouldn't say that, my site has been visited by 3,000 views. Still not bad for a kid from the projects, that has absolutely no idea what I am doing on this thing. But I will eventually get it, as will you!! Please keep following, I cherish your support and input! Thank you ALL! Joe

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