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Oh come on will ya!!!! I don't believe that anyone actually fell for that self possessed shit!!!! You obviously don't know me and that really sucks!!
That is what is wrong with the internet and texting and every other non-contact sport we have about reading other people's shit!! You never know how to take it, because it is trying to negotiate and equate not a real actual voice and a real actual person!!! It is George Orwell's 1984, and big brother might be watching but you ain't!!!
That is too f'ing bad, but that is who we have become, acceptance is the first rule of realizing some behavior is wrong and we aren't even close to being there. So anyway..............
Let's talk about the journey, let's talk about what motivates certain people and makes other's tune out! The difference between the two, has nothing to do with culture, it has nothing to do with money, it has nothing to do with where you came from, it begins with dreams. I have found so many people in my life, they just don't want to dream and visualize and project a certain image. It is a culture of acceptance now, and that is what made the 60's So great. People started standing up to the generally accepted principles of the past, people spoke there mind and, whether accepted or ostracized still for the most part stuck to their beliefs. Today, what do we have? Let's get ahead, let's make more money!! I don't see a lot of let's change the world people! But we need more people like that. I know I sound like a dyed in the wool Cambridge liberal, but I am not! I welcome open debate, I cherish difference of opinions, but I hate close minded people, who haven't taken the time or the energy to see what is right in front of their face! I am sorry hate is a very strong word, let's say I shake my head at that, because if they had an opinion I could at least respect it. But opinions are waning in this country, moderation is ruling and in any society, especially a great society, that leads to DEATH!! Innovation, breaking rules, forward thinking, competition and the need to succeed is every great cultures traits and I just feel we need a whole lot more of that. Along with controversial thinking, abstract ideas and a general nurturing of a new way! Where is that? Do you see it? I don't, I see a bunch of silver spoon fed, I deserve the good life, and screw everyone else, people! Where in the hell did that come from? Certainly not from my father or his father, who fought in war's and dealt with bread lines, and financial depression just to survive.
I know, the argument is going to be, come on, this is a new world, things are different now. That is complete B.S., I believe in evolution, I believe in revolution if it is for the good of an entire culture, but come on people. Are we close to changing anything? Has anyone in the last 30 years come along with a truly humanitarian cultural changing idea, that has been adopted? Where is the next Einstein? Where is the next Edison, where is the next Lincoln? Do they exist? I certainly hope so, but my guess is, they aren't in America, because we have become fat and happy and settled and well, too comfortable to care.
For christsake's we can't even elect people who are good representatives of us, and many of us don't even care!! You know what most American's say when they are asked if their direct House of representative or Senator cares about them is? NO. That is an awful, indictment of a culture that has lost its way!!!
Hey let the freakin Mexican's in,most of them work harder than we do! Let them get into a system where they become a citizen and contribute to the cause, instead of running across the border in Arizona, onto an INDIAN reservation, isn't that a ridiculous statement, and trying to work for next to nothing!!! What the hell is going on!!
We are a country of immigrants!! We cast out the real Americans back in the 1870's!!! We are all just interloper's, but so culturally diverse it worked for a time. Now, I don't know. I really don't.
As far as my journey is concerned, it has certainly taken many unexpected turns, but I don't worry myself about that because you have to know who you are, before you know what you are! I know exactly who I am and it is not even close to what I thought I would be. But that's
ok, because at least I have my beliefs as right or wrong as they might be.
So it is 1996 now, and I am the president of a multi-million dollar corporation, and it was a heavy load! Not because of the money, not because of the responsibility, it was because I was in charge of 65 lives, and that was the single driving factor, for me. I wanted us to succeed for everyone, not just for me. What an education I was about to have.
I'll be back on that track tomorrow. But for now, go to the end of this blog and buy some really great wine at a really great price! The reason I did this is because they are a start up company, who are really nice guys, with great prices, and I love wine just as much as coffee! So do me a favor and give them a shot, they are just starting out, and that is what America is built on!!! Thanks, Joe

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