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One Man's Journey, and the Jaded Business The World has Become

You know, I have been thinking carefully about what business in the U.S. has become. I am rather a historian, and I am centered on brands! I guess brand recognition is simply what brought us into the 20th and 21st century! But I sometimes worry about this. I say that brands may not matter as much as they used to, in fact there is unequivocal data that says, NO they don't. I think this is complete crap and a lack of the country we live in to be vigilant and loyal and all those things our ancestors and still recently passed generations held so close to their vest! I simply think, that is what made America great over the last oh say, 175 years. Now we are not Europe and we are certainly not China or well versed in the eastern culture. So forget about that!! I think we have lost our way. I have a train of thought and a thesis, bear with me.
American brands, are blankets, they are fluff in your hair, they are the southern seabreeze that rattles your screens at night! Nothing is made here anymore! Furthermore, these asshole MBA shitheads with they're own thesis are making it worse!!! Screw outsourcing!1 Bring outsourcing to Arkansas and Iowa or Massachusetts or New York!!! We can do this if someone just takes the time to really look at it.
We are standing in front of a treasure trove of a vital essential, resource and that is people!! We have plenty of people to do the job in America!! We have more than enough!! Why aren't we targeting these resources and doing it then? Well I don't know, maybe the government is at fault!! NO THEY'RE not it is a government that was supossedly to be ruled by the people!!! WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED HERE? Could somebody tell me?
You know this goes down to the very root of America, the small business man. I have seen, by my own eyes, how a guy can develop a business, a successful business from a regional, well known brand. Oh I don't know, let's just pick.............. coffee for instance. I have first hand knowledge of a person who partnered with my company, and he built his business on selling our brand! It was a multi-million dollar company, it was a win, win!! So that guy who is honest and more importantly loyal, because he has made his living off of our brand and we promised not to compete in his business, in fact helped him in anyway we could, decided to sell his business to his number 1 guy!! His adopted son, whatever. So, the adopted son decides he can do better elsewhere and drops us as his supplier like a bad habit!! That is everything that is wrong with this country. If you don't believe that you aren't or haven't been in the trenches for the past decade. Remember, a person who started his business, because of our regional popularity, succeeds and then we get dropped like a bad habit, once he is gone!!! RIDICULOUS, and as simple as it sounds, that is what is wrong with the U.S. economy right now. Thanks for reading, as always, Joe

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