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One Man's Journey/ Off The track but not Really!!

OK So you may be thinking this a blog about this or that. Well it is, it is a blog about it ALL!! Life, career, family, success, failure, family, creativity, frustration, liberation etc. etc.......
So right now in 2013, it is very introspective year for me. But I started to think about business in America, and started checking statistics and they are disturbing! If you don't think so, please try and refute these facts, I know this is not a story this is kind of a math class but, HEY, there are a lot of right brain people out there. I believe there are a lot of left brain people, who would get this more, but that is just based on my years of experience in owning a successful business.
Before I get started, this is a perfect segway from my last post about Getty, Vanderbilt and Ford!!!
Let's just survey the land of corporate America these days! I am interested to see what your thoughts will be based on hard line statistics, about how we run our businesses in the 21st Century. Hang on because there are definitive solutions and I actually have them. But now I kind of feel like fort Knox!!! Does it exist or doesn't it, is it attainable or not. I say a resounding YES! But.... read along...
So Manager's in corporate America spend 10 hours a week on meetings! 90% beleive their time is wasted!
9 out of 10 employees DAYDREAM during a meeting!!
60% of all employees take notes in a meeting to pretend they are paying attention!
63% of all corporate meetings have no specific agenda! That is astounding!!!
20 % of the average workday results in productive work the other 80% doesn't matter!
95% of things people fear will never happen!!!
75-85% of all documents saved in a company are never ever read again !!!! Really!!!@ YEAH REALLY!! So much for data storage huh?
90% of projects fail because of poor planning not the idea!!
65% of all employees say their motivation comes from their boss they are directly reporting too.
85% of employees are hired because of their expected competencies and 85% are terminated for their lack of leadership or people skills!!!
71% of all projects on a corporate level fail to deliver!
80% of crisis management is something that can be prevented!!!
It costs 5 to 6 times the currency to land a new customer as it does to maintain and existing one!!!!

Guys, I get the lean crap but this is business. If people in management positions would drop their college crap and just become people managers 70 -80% of this stuff would go away. But this country in particular is not about that anymore unfortunately. No one knows how to listen anymore, everyone wants to directly apply their business thesis into a functioning real day to day business. So F the six sigma. F the lean manufacturing@! F the multi functional identified employee and work them to the bone!!! Screw that. Like I said in my last post kaizan and all this other shit is great, so how has that changed America in the last 20 years? Please tell me, because all I see is bail outs and golden parachutes and a bunch of bullshit really.,
I never had more than 4 company meetings in 16 YEARS!!! You know why, they didn't matter, what mattered was how you managed and treated people on a daily basis!! pure and simple. What mattered was that there is no mold! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and it is managements job to identify and curate that and measure that and reward that. This is off the beaten track but true, look it up it is documented. So whenever I enter a situation that is corporate in nature, I always question these things and 90% of the time it proves out, which is a disgusting figure for our economy.
So hopefully by writing this article, i ll ne teaching an economics course or business ethics course at Harvard next year. I don't know, I just know that what we are doing isn't going to work long term. It just won't, human nature will prevail, we are not robots, and so many corporate executives want you to be. Maybe they should look in the mirror huh? Peace and out!! Keep on keeping on, Thanks, Joe

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