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So, do you know that coffee is the second largest commodity traded in the World!! That's right a close second to oil, wow that is an amazing statistic isn't it? Think about it there are hundreds of commodities out there and coffee is number 2!!! Who's getting rich off of that? Well it certainly isn't the farmer's in Costa Rica, Brazil, or Guatemala!! Unbelievable really. you know when you think of commodities there is soybeans, Foreign currency, Board, pork bellies, cattle etc., but no coffee is number 2!!
Anyway, please take a good look around the page and you will see certain advertisements for products that I have personally tried, and I strongly endorse, otherwise they wouldn't be on here!! Trust me. Go back and read one of my old blogs about the guy, who invented k-cups!! It is a crazy world we live in but his prototype is responsible now for 16-17% of all the coffee bought in this country!! I have worked out an amazing deal on 2 products in particular, that bring justice to that man's vision. I hope you try them, it was a great idea!!
Also go to the bottom of this blog and you will see 2 more products I highly endorse! You can't lose with either one, if you need money click on that commission button and watch! If you enjoy wine, these guys are just starting out, but they have an amazing selection and superior price points!!
Enough about that........
So, in 1996, we were blasting it. Every month was better than the last, as far as profitability went. We couldn't lose the price of coffee was something like .65 cents per lb. Are you kidding me? With our quality and acceptance structures in place we were golden!! We had our shrink down to an average of 13.6%, and it was paying dividends. The company was robust, the infrastructure was solid, manufacturing was operating at a very high level of efficiency, I couldn't wait to get to work!!
Our gross margin was approaching 60%, which is unheard of, because everyrhing below that was relatively fixed. We were on auto-pilot. But not really, there were things to be fixed, upgrades to be made and people to replace, but it is always hard to be the pessimist in such a positive situation.
But, now was the time to re-invest! Now was the time to upgrade our management team, now was the time to really look into doing it better, for the long term. I pitched that platform for about 4 months. My boss wasn't buying in, he would just say, you can't be too careful, these are big decisions. It was frustrating but hey, I was where I wanted to be and making more money than I had ever imagined. So, i dropped the pitch mid year, what a mistake it was. No one has a crystal ball though. You can't go back and fix something in business, you really do have to learn from mistakes. This was a strategic disaster, if only we knew at the time. But we didn't.............. Thank you for reading, as always!! Try the products advertised!! They are great!! To your success and for your pleasure!! Joe

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