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Give It Some Time, You'll Grow Into It!!!

Oh some freakin, somebody told me the once, where he was coming from I don't know, but it wasn't in my galaxy! You either hit the ground running, and I mean literally. or someone was going to catch you and then you're done. You see I had little or no capital, A bank that if I made one wrong move would shut me down, an owner who if I missed a payment to could take it all back over and creditor's, who even though I wasn't specifically responsible for, I inherited that too. Wow, I often wondered about these rich people who really inherited anything worthwhile, like a trust fund or millions of dollars set aside from a family trust. I was a million miles away from that, so where was I? I was the same place I was when I was 12 years old only now the consequences were real. I mean when I was 12 we lived in a project, if my parents got kicked out, or the lights got shut off, well, that wasn't my problem to fix right? Or was it ? Maybe it was, maybe we should all take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, whether it is direct or peripheral. Hmmmm. Wouldn't that make a better world. But anyway......
So I knew how to do this, this, guerilla warfare this ultimate survival mode and there was no time to waste. I immediately started to cut anywhere I could, people, inventory, box prices, IT contracts, insurance etc.. Here we go, so much for the learning curve. I never missed an interest payment in 38 months! $47,000 thank you captain, now be on your way. But it really started to get to me, because there was no letting up, after all if the bank didn't have me their $47,000 a month, which by the way translated into almost $1.8 million dollars would have never happened. Did you think I got a pat on the back for that? Come on!!! Also, I was able to chip away at the outstanding debt, keep the company going and make a decent living at the same time. Not bad from someone who didn't have an MBA from Somewhere. All I have to say is YOU try it, it is virtually impossible. Trust me. But you always get the doubter's and the jealous people saying, oh he was lucky, he didn't work for it, everything was handed to him, right place right time!!! Really??? I wish anyone during that period could just walk in my shoes for a week never mind almost 4 years!!! I wish.......... The odds are pretty good, you wouldn't have lasted. Why? Because I was a Spartan, I was a survivor, I was the perfect person in the perfect spot, at the perfect time. If anyone has anything to say or ask about this time I will get into further detail. I am not blowing my own horn trust me, it was just where I was supposed to be, let's put it that way. Has anyone else experiences that feeling? I would really like to know, because there were probably 10,000 scenarios I could have dealt with a lot less successfully is what I mean, it was very specific, I believe. That's all. The bank was still bearing down as only bank's can do. By the way I hope you have gotten the feeling, that I HATE BANK's!!! They are the problem and when someone realizes that, the economy will come back!!! But that is too simplified, I'll get into the meat later. But really? If someone took the banking system by the balls in this country and made it right? America would be expanding faster than any economy the world has ever seen!!! Are you listening Warren Buffet??? Are you listening Bill Gates??? You don't have to listen Sheldon Addelson, you already know!! Thank you Goldman and Sachs....
Anyway, that is all I have to say tonight or today.

Please read the statement below:
I am going to jump ahead a little bit because, well, I don't know if I will be still writing this blog in 2014. You just don't know but I hope so, that is the goal anyway. But if I don't for some unforeseen reason. I want to skip ahead to 2007 on this very day. My daughter, who was working with me at the time was pregnant. Things were good, actually they were better than good! I am tipping my hat but by no means is it the end of this story but.......
Anyway, my daughter had a beautiful little boy on June 7, 2007. She named him Brady William Leary, what a great name! It was a wonderful time for myself and my family. That little boy, changed SO many things in our lives.Well, on 7-28-2007, we found him dead in his crib at 7 am on a Saturday morning. It was SIDS, a hideous and very painful loss at best. My beautiful grandson would have been 6 years old today, but he was taken from us. The details are too haunting to explain. Only that my wife and I both tried to revive him and were unsuccessful, as was the 911 responder's from Scituate Fire and Rescue #1 and ultimately South Shore Hospital. It was a devastating loss to my daughter as well as my whole family! I started a 501C3 charitable organization for Brady in late September of that year, and have since donated ten of thousands of dollars towards SIDS research and awareness. If you would like to donate to this cause I urge you to do so. Contact me @ and i will gladly instruct you to send whatever donation to a bank in Hingham, Ma that has an active account in his name! I hope we can find the answer to this devastating disease, and if you find it in your heart to donate it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Joe Leary. Brady you will never be forgotten I miss you every day!!! Love Papa!!


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