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IF You Just Look In The Mirror And Really See The Truth You Will Know The Answer!!!

We all know the answer to the million dollar question. It is as simple as looking inside and really knowing who you are. But I believe the answer you will receive will differ depending on the point you are in your life. Heavy stuff right? No not really, because there is nothing like experience to bring things in perspective, but I also believe that in that moment, without regard of that, the decision you make if you are true to yourself, and fully engaged is the right one! Right? Get it? Because, the decision you make as long as you are true to yourself can always be shaped into something else! Right? We do not live in a static existence, we do not live in a one thing changes your life forever life!! WE DO NOT!! You may think you do, but that's what makes us all human. That is the beauty and the grace of this race. No matter what happens, as long as you keep moving forward, even if you think it is one step forward, two steps back. You will prevail. Too many people in this world live in fear of failure!!  I say bring it on, yeah it might be humbling, maybe that's what you needed or it might be transitional but that is what life is all about!! I know one thing for sure. When I am not on this side of the grass, there won't be one person that will say, hey, he didn't really live. I of course am claustrophobic so I will be cremated but you get the jist. I have had 5 lives or more. That is what you are supposed to do. Suck every last thing out of it, does it really matter in the end? Walk the walk and do what possesses you final answer.
Enough with the psychoanalysis, god knows, someone could make a million dollars analyzing what I just wrote but hey I really don't care. That's their gig, I have my own to play.
So I have no money and hellbent on buying this thing. I talk to everyone I know in business. After all the discussions I got a bunch of really good answers. What are You crazy? Come Work for me? This is going to kill you? You can't possibly handle it? You know optimism!!!
Well this is what I was seeing in the mirror at that time, and it was more complicated than that because, I hadn't yet come to terms with where I came from, and what my uncle said and all those things that affest your life!! Right. So maybe I was crazy but then I was really down in the dumps, amd I get a call on a Saturday morning from a really good friend in New Jersey and he makes me talk it out. It is one of the more difficult conversation's I have ever had and one of the most important. He was a business owner, who started his business in a garage in Brooklyn, NY. He had recently, after 25 years sold his business for some astronomical figure. He said to me, "how bad do you want this"? I said man I want this bad and I know I can make it work!! The next 5 words resonate in my brain to this day!!! "How much do you need?" I sat down on the chair in my kitchen and nearly lost it. He was going to back me in this, no questions asked!!! Wow, right! True F'ing story!! So....... on to phase whatever.... Monday I needed to come up with a detailed proposal. I had about 40 hours to get it done. Joe

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