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So I Have a Tiger By The Tale But Maybe Its The Wrong Tiger!!

After I bought the company and the bank was satisfied and the transaction went through, my head was spinning! All of a sudden, I was the man in charge, the buck stops here. These are the times when after ten years of preparing I could do what I thought needed to be done, I saw all the things the owner did, and didn't particularly agree with his style or decisions in many cases. Well now I could do anything I saw fit. There was just one problem with that scenario. It is easy to criticize when it you are not the person making the decisions, it is EASY to second guess after the fact, it is really easy to say"hey I told you so". It is really difficult when the buck stopped at your front door. Not to say I wasn't confident, it just gave me a pretty instant alternate perspective.
At first though I didn't care, new found freedom, I could do anything I want, implement any new changes I saw fit. I could force my will on the company because as a person who owns 100% of anything, who is going to stop them!! Well the answer was I did. I mean don't get me wrong i was arrogant to a point! i was 37! I owned a company that had been in business since 1928! I used to tell people abstract stories, like, do you know what freedom really is? I usually got a blank stare by now, I would answer, going to the gas station with my American Express platinum card and stopping the gas meter at anywhere I wanted! You know why? Because I could. Real arrogance, but that quiclkly went away. The reason I was there and I took this insane chance was because I am the ultimate optimist, and I saw hope and really believed, we could get out of this huge whole we were in! It didn't take long to hit my stride either, I fired the accountants, got the bank to get rid of the phony workout consultant and started devising a plan, that would not only get us out of debt but to move forward successfully for the long term. But it was not going to be easy, and there would be a lot of hurt along the way. I didn't look at it quite the same, I looked at it like I was saving the brand and simultaneously, securing my families future. Game on!!! Now if I only had some money!! HAha. I owed everyone, and even though it wasn't my bills, a stock sale means you are responsible for all previous bills! Which made me purchasing this thing that much more insane. I was insane, but I was not out of my mind. There's a difference. Read on people, there will be much more coming! Thanks to all that is following this! Spread the word! Joe

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