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What Happened next?

I very much apologize for the spelling errors in the last post what can I say, it was stream of consciousness and laziness. I hate when people who don't spell things it drives me crazy!
So what did I do with the money? Well luckily, I am also a musician and creatively inclined. So what I started to do was create a brand and a look that wasn't foodservice it was multi-channel. Meaning if I presented this to anyone it was going to work based on the design. I was lucky enough to come up with a design and a look that would work in both segments, foodservice and retail. But then there was one big, I shouldn't say big, huge opportunity that I was presented to during this time. I wasn't even focused on it, but I knew instantly it would transform our company.
We had a connection to Trader Joe's. Yeah That Trader Joe's and I was told the buyer lived 2 towns over from me and was looking for a new opportunity! As you can imagine, I have heard the stories about Trader Joe's and I was enthralled!
If you want to be  business owner, you must identify opportunities and you must be able to prioritize those opportunities, sometimes I think I am telling people too much. Because I want them to learn but I also want them to hire me because of my experience and knowledge. It is a slippery slope. All the products I promote on this site are approved by me. That's great that once in a while someone takes the offer from Illy and I get paid. But my real expertise is in helping business, and fixing business models and finally just making people's dreams come true. Of course it is always their vision, but it is always good to have another set of eyes that will not benefit from the long term success of someone's business. But it is very rewarding to fix it and then watch it thrive because I helped them!
But that is the main thrust of this blog! I want to help your businesssucceed, and I know with my experience I can help, existing businesses grow, new business secure the funding, help people refine their business model!!
You know how satisfying that is? Well if you have never done it before and you have the fortitude to hang in there, you will affect and change people's lives on a daily or at least weekly basis! How cool is that?
You have no idea. But You Should!!
All the best,


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