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Don't Take Anything For Granted!

My last post had me in a really good spot. It was 2006, we had just bought a fantastic batch roaster, which would enable us to really do some special things with our gourmet coffee line. The roaster was ordered and would be installed by the end of March 2007, I couldn't wait! Our Beacon Hill Gourmet Coffee line was really created then, and the R&D,  myself and our quality control people did was, some amazing stuff. We came up with a superb line of blends and varietals, redesigned our packaging, which was a major upgrade from our foodservice line, and we set up our exact ad campaign and roll out strategy. Those were busy times, but it was great to have the ability to really make another major impact in my company. The orders from Trader Joe's were steady if not increasing from time to time and our bread and butter business, the foodservice side was steady and profitable. It was extremely satisfying to finally look back at what I inherited, which was a virtually bankrupt company, and see that through passion, insight and believe me, a little luck, we were in excellent financial shape. I realized that if you really, really want something and you put in the time and sweat it takes, you can and will succeed!
So, the install of the roaster went ahead of schedule and it was seamless. We were ready and up and running our new, improved line by early March. I mean everything was just going right. We submitted another new product to Trader Joe's and it was a smash! Their first order was 11 truckloads!! The biggest single order we had ever received. We previewed the gourmet line and started doing plant tours and tastings to some prospective clients. We closed everyone. It was almost too good to be true.
So, I thought it was time to enjoy some of the benefits of this incredible success. So I booked a vacation to Mexico for early April. It was time to take some time with the family! My daughter was 7 months pregnant and the pregnancy was going great! My son was 16 at the time so we booked the trip and told the kids, they could bring a friend with them, we'll foot the bill! Hey, what the heck we earned it, and it was my first vacation in over a year, my wife and I were looking forward to it. We took off for Mexico to a 5 star all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, and it was great. The family had a great time, and Susan and I had a blast ourselves. Bringing the friends for our kids, was the best move we made, because we could really spend some quality time together. Everyone needs some down time and it was well worth the money!
So, back to work and back to business by mid-April, after a fantastic week in Mexico. I was relaxed, focused and driven all at the same time. Time seemed to just fly by.
Next thing I knew and it was June and here it comes, my daughter goes into labor! We were going to be grandparents and we couldn't have been more excited. My beautiful grandson was born at 8:00 pm on Sunday night June 10th! My wife was their along with Katie's boyfriend for the whole delivery. She called me and immediately my son and myself jumped in the car to meet Brady William Leary for the 1st time. It was so amazing, I instantly fell in love with this baby boy, and the best part for us was, my daughter and the baby were going to live with us, so I'd get to see him every single day! I was obsessed, I love baby's, always have it just couldn't get any better. There was magic everywhere! I felt so lucky, and we were.
The summer was going GREAT! The business was purring like a kitten, we were going to some great outdoor concerts. We are huge music fans and I also have a CD out right now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon mp.3 called Joe Leary & The Barnshaker's. Check it out, it's a bunch of guys I have been playing with for years and I'm very proud of it! Anyway, we saw Tom Petty & The Heartbreaker's, Lucinda Williams(GREAT SHOW), Carol King and the one and only, Bruce Springsteen! Oh don't let me forget Boz Scaggs too! Anyway, life was great. We'd have our friends over all the time, cook out, share some great wine, it was a WOW life for all of us.
Brady was doing great! He was like a super baby, he turned over when he was just 3 weeks old! I am thinking I have the next olympic athlete in the family!! Bliss is a wonderful feeling.
This turning into a short story. Sorry.
So we get to July 28th! 7:00 AM in the morning. We awakened to screams from our daughters bedroom, horrific screams, almost not-human sounds! "Mom, the baby's not breathing!!! We immediately ran to the baby. My wife said, 'oh my God, he's not breathing". It shook my soul!
I jumped in, after calling 911, and was on the line with a 911 person, trying to teach me how to give CPR to a 7 week old baby. The Scituate Rescue Team #1, arrived it seems like in seconds. A EMT looked me in the eyes as I was bringing the baby to him, and said, is he breathing? I had seen the left side of Brady's face start to turn blue while I was administering CPR, I said, "I don't think so". His eyes, I will never forget that look, He was horrified, and so was I and my whole family. He got in the ambulance, after the EMT's tried CPR and my wife Susan and daughter, obviously went in the ambulance. I remember leaving to get in my car and there was a cop there. I asked him, if he thought it would be alright, and he looked straight back at me and said, "I don't know, but if you want 1 team to try and save that baby it is Scituate Rescue #1"!! I jumped in my car, with my son and a very good friend of ours from Australia and to the hospital we went, following that ambulance. It seemed like forever to get there!
So we get to the E.R. and as soon as we came in someone met us. They herded us into a small room. A nurse came in and told us, "I'm sorry, the baby didn't make it, it was probably SIDS!"
My life as I knew it was completely shattered as was my family's in a matter of seconds!! This is Part 2 of how life can change your business by the way!!
I was absolutely CRUSHED!!!
By the way, I have never written this down ever, so please understand how long it took to write! Thank you all.

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