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How Life Can Change Your Business and Life!!!

So there I was making all this money, helping out people. I was sending my parents and in -laws on these crazy vacations! I was happy to do it. Hey why not, they deserved it!
My parents and Susan's parents were very simple people. That is not a knock, that is the prototype of that depression era soul!
So anyway, we are rolling on the river!!
I decide in December 0f 2006, that we need a real Small batch roaster. I have been working with the three bag Jabez-Burns models forever. They are workhorses, but hardly precise, batch roasting quality!
We needed that extra ooomph in the business I decided to buy a Probat 100 lb roaster, the cadillac! Why not we were rolling. This thing was magical, it had 99 pre-set blend or temperature controls, no quench, and a great destoner and cooling system!
It was great, the quality was amazing. So was the price, I think the base model was $265,000 at the time including the afterburner's. If you are in the business, you'll know what I mean.
Right around the same time, my daughter came home from college and told us, she was pregnant!! Well families and business, they are all intertwined right?
So, we discussed it with her and she was hell-bent on having the baby! It was her high school sweet hearts baby and , wow, it was meant to be.
Well at that point we were both like, hey, it is all good. This will be a good thing. So we were flying, and now I was going to be a grand parent at 47 years old. Not only that the business was doing great and hey all I can say is, life was good!
No, not just good VERY Good!!

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